Egyptian cleric: «Pepsi is a Zionist conspiracy»

According to cleric Hazem Abu Ismail, PEPSI is an acronym that stands for «Pay Every Penny to Save Israel».

Dont put your trust in this man
Dont put your trust in this man

A leading Egyptian cleric earlier this year declared in a sermon broadcast on national television that popular soda drink producer PEPSI is actually a front for funding Israel against its Arab enemies.

He went on to say that not only PEPSI is the problem, but all big name Western products, the revenues from which ultimately go to forwarding the Zionist agenda.

Abu Ismail’s sermon was broadcast on Egypt’s Al-Nas TV on February 16 of this year. Translation was provided by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Source: The Magazine Israel Today.

My comment:

There is no end to this demonic Islamic war against the Jewish people. What will be the next?

3 thoughts on “Egyptian cleric: «Pepsi is a Zionist conspiracy»

    1. Dear Ozzy.

      Yes, it is a mad statement, by a man who have been deceived by a demon. We need to keep such people in our prayers. Jesus told us to bless even our enemies. Thats not easy, but its the only way. The best way to bless others is to tell them the truth, even if it hurts.

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