«Arabs who sell land to Jews shall die»

«I said it’s forbidden to sell, or negotiate to enable Jews to buy Palestinian property. Whoever does such a thing is committing high treason»

Trying to make peace outside of the Words of the Jewish Messiah, only leads to foolishness followed by more violence
Trying to make peace outside of the Words of the Jewish Messiah, only leads to foolishness followed by more violence

This is a statement from Palestinian Islamic Chief Justice Taysir Tamimi. He was invited to the Pope of Rome interfaith dialogue forum in Jerusalem 11th of May 2009.

Earlier this year, Tamimi issued a Fatwa (religious decree) banning Palestinians from selling land and property to Jews,. This is already a criminal offense in the West Bank punishable by death. A man was sentenced to death by hanging by a Palestinian military court in April 2009.

Tamimi is reported by Malta Times for this statement about Arabs who sell land to Jews:

«He must be brought to court and be punished for it. We are enemies and they occupied our land and they want to control everything on this land and to wipe us out of it».

The Palestinian Islamic Chief Justice also refuses to label suicide bombers as terrorists. In the mind of Tamimi, they are freedom fighters.

«We don’t call them suicide bombers. We don’t have tanks, we don’t have fighter planes, and we don’t have missiles. When a human being feels that he’s going to die in his own house, he defends himself with his body. If I know that you’re coming and you want to kill me, I will eventually defend myself, and if I don’t have any weapons I will use my body, especially if I know I’m going to be dead anyway».

In widespread reports quote him in a 1994 speech, as having said that «the Jews are destined to be persecuted, humiliated, and tortured forever, and it is a Muslim duty to see to it that they reap their due … Where Hitler failed, we must succeed».

«Zionists not Jews are our enemies»

Tamimi dismisses outright having made such a hate speech:


«It’s impossible that I said those words. It might be a misquote or bad translation. This quote is contrary to my beliefs and my religion. I don’t consider Jews as enemies. Palestinians don’t consider Jews as enemies. They are not enemies because they are Jews. We are enemies with whoever occupies our land and displaces Palestinians, violates holy places, kills children, demolishes mosques, confiscates land… those are the ones we consider enemies, the Zionists and the Israeli government. But not the Jews».

For Tamimi, there is no question of recognizing Israel’s right to exist when the Palestinians’ own existence is all the time put into question.

«Israel ignores our right to live on our land. They are working to kick us out of the land all the time. How do you want me to recognize anyone who ignores my right to live in my country».

Source: Malta Today, 20th of May 2009.

The walk-out of the Pope

On May 11, 2009, the Pope of Rome walked out of his own interfaith forum in Jerusalem, after Sheikh Tamimi again had demonized Israel. But the Pope did shake the hand of Tamimi before leaving.


«I am terribly sorry» about Tamimi’s speech. But he hoped that it would not shed a negative light on the entire evening». It is important that the whole evening is not just Tamimi’s speech», said Trond Bakkevig, who represented the Lutheran Church of Norway.

Rev. Dr. Trond Bakkevig is seated in the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land, the interfaith body that works with Tamimi. Bakkevig was quoted for this statement, by Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Papal walk-out did not have any effect on Islamic Chief Justice Taysir Tamimi. In the article of Malta Times, the Islamic leader confirms what all honest people knows.

Why should Trond Bakkevig say he was «terribly sorry» about Tamimi speech? If Bakkevig was an honest man of God, he should rather have said: «I am happy that Tamimi spoke so honestly in public. Now we know for sure what Radical Islam is all about».

Those who live by The Koran, will never give up Jihad on the Jewish people. They might lie about «peace», to gain a better position for their next rockets to be fired into Israel.

Those who believe that Interfaith dialogues can change the violent religion of Islam, are fools. And even worse: They become part takers of the Holy War of Islam, that one blue day will bring this curse down on their own head.

To says that «Zionists, not the Jews, are my enemies», is like saying that «America not Americans are my enemies». As long as the Americans are out of America, I will love and care for them.

The Islamic World of foolishness has no end. If it had not been violent, no one had to bother.

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