Absurd of Islam to brand Zionism as imperialism

«To brand Zionism as imperialism is to deny the connection of the Jews to the Land of Israel that goes back 3,000 years».


«Racist hatred is not just a matter of hating a people for the color of their skin. The Holocaust is the ultimate proof of that. Europe and the Muslim world were never a home for the Jews. The empires of the Christian and Muslim world could have cared one iota about Jewish survival and the Jewish future».

«The Zionist enterprise was desperate and lonely. If only the Jews had the power of an empire, perhaps millions of Jews could have been saved from genocide. «Zionist imperialism» is an absurd phrase, an oxymoron. It is an anti-Semitic canard. It denies the tragic realities of Jewish history».

«To brand Zionism as imperialism is to deny the connection of the Jews to the Land of Israel that goes back 3,000 years. Jews were battling imperialists, whether they were Hellenists or Romans, long before the modern national movements of liberation. The British in India, as well as the French in Algeria, did not have an ancient connection to the lands they colonized».

«That the Arabs of Palestine suffered a catastrophe in losing their homes to Jews in 1948 was not due to «ethnic cleansing», but to their refusal to accept partition and their hatred of Jews that had its origin in the Islamic call for jihad against Jewish infidels.

Kay Kono
Eli Kavon

«Today, half the Jewish population of Israel is made up of Jews from Arab and Islamic lands. To label as imperialist a small nation of Jews that flourished despite the power of great empires is absurd. It is an attempt to rob Israel of its legitimacy. It is a lie.»

Source: Jerusalem Post: The writer Eli Kavon is on the faculty of Nova Southeastern University’s LifelongLearning Institute in Davie, Florida.

6 thoughts on “Absurd of Islam to brand Zionism as imperialism

  1. Sad. If zionists truly cared for the well-being of the Jews they would be more concerned with introducing them to their Messiah, in Whom they have the promise that all who are in Him will inherit THE WORLD. Instead they give them a soon perishing piece of dirt in the Middle East at the expense of thousands of Christian Arabs who were forced from their homes, in the 1960s to make room for the RACIST, largely atheistic, apostate Jewish state. There is no accusation made against the Muslims in this article that is not also true of the Jewish state in Palestine. What both groups need is Jesus, NOT LAND!!!

    1. Dear Billy.

      The believers in the Messiah will not inherit the World. They will Inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. The Messiah said: «My kingdom is not of this World». But since we all are presently here is this fallen, corrupted, and wicked World, we need to love one another. Also the Jewish people. The land of Zion, Eretz Israel is theirs. It was gifted to them by the Messiah, long time before He came in flesh and died for our sins.

      You wrote:
      «Israel came at the expense of thousands of Christian Arabs who were forced from their homes».

      My comment:

      This is simply not true. The first Zionist Jews that came home to Israel from 1880 onwards purchased their land, dollar for dollar, mostly deserts and sumps. Christian Arabs have always been persecuted by Islam in the Middle East, and have never had a free nation of their own. From 1917 to 1948, this piece of land in the Middle East was under British occupation. When Israel announced its independence in 1948, no one was forced to flee. The first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion invited all Christian Arabs to stay. But the Islamic nations around Israel, forced Israel into a war for its survival. War is always a crime against humanity. In this was there were surely Christian Arabs who suffered injustice. We all regret this. Similarly, there were also Jews and Muslims who suffered.

    1. Thanks Sandra. Keep spreading the good news. May Jesus of Messiah keep on blessing you, and people around you.

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