Half a million computers attacked Israel during Gaza war

Israel suffered a massive cyber-attack during the military invasion of the Gaza Strip earlier this year, government officials told Ha’aretz.


As Israeli forces moved against the Hamas infrastructure in Gaza in early January, government websites were temporarily paralyzed by a cyberattack utilizing at least half a million computers around the world.

Most of the websites were fixed within 5 to 20 minutes by Tehila, the body that manages Israel’s government websites, and Israel’s cyber infrastructure was successfully shielded from the attack. But the Home Front Command website, which instructs Israelis on how to respond during enemy attacks, was down for nearly three hours.

Government sources said the attack resembled a similar assault on Georgia’s government websites prior its recent war with Russia, prompting speculation that the assault on Israel was launched by criminal elements within the former Soviet Union and in the employ of Islamic terror groups.

Source: The Israeli daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

The devil will use all his power`s in his bid to bring down the state of Israel. Both enemies from outside, and enemies from within. All of them, His children.


To see how organized this secret effort is, take a look at the numbers of computers alined in the fight against the Jewish state?

A Cyber-attack can bring down the electronic systems of hospitals, fire departments and air control navigational units. Stop thinking this is some kind of Sunday School. The enemies of Israel is everywhere. Welcome to the age of the Global Intifada.

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