Rome makes fresh peace with Hinduism

«No violence against minorities. No forced conversions»

The Vatican is on the road to make a new false universal religion of all faiths lead to the same God.
This Vatican Cardinal is on the road to make a new false universal religion of all faiths lead to the same God.

Vatican Cardinal Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran addressed the press in India with Jayendra Saraswati. The Cardinal came out strongly against forced conversions and said it went against the teaching of the Church.

These were the two main points agreed on at a path-breaking Hindu-Catholic dialogue between religious leaders from both creeds held in Mumbai on Friday.

Each side had one main concern: For the Catholics it was violent attacks against «Christians», the clergy and their places of worship and on the Hindu side it was the issue of forced conversions.

Source: The Times of India

My comment:

No one can be forced to follow Jesus of Nazareth. He does not force anyone to believe in Him. Neither does His true followers.

One of the very few Churches who claims to be «Christian», that has forced others to follow their faith, is the Roman Catholic Church. Hindus and Thomas Christians refusing to worship Papal doctrines were burnt at stake in the Indian state of Goa during the inquisition.

The roads to Rome are full of blood and good intentions.

Even today, there is only one Church in India that use force. That is the Catholic Church. Not against Hindus, but against their own sons and daughters who wants to follow Jesus of Nazareth. Just like the Hindus use force against their family members who desires to follow God of Israel and His Messiah.

Dont put your trust in this man
Dont put your trust in this man

When the Cardinal says «No violence against minorities», he does not speak the truth. Roman Catholics often use physical force against their own family members, who decides to follow Jesus of Nazareth like it is written in the Bible. Not through religious rituals, like worship of idols of mortal men like the Pope, saints and madonnas.

If you are a Catholic, and explains to your priest you have become a Bible believer and love Israel, you run the risk of being ex-communicated. You might also be thrown out of your family house, and loose your inheritance in this fallen World. But your citizenship in Heaven, no one can take from you.

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