Sweden: «Israel is a colonial occupier of Palestinian land»

The European Union will not enlarge their relationship with Israel as long as Israel «occupy» Palestinian land.

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Carl Bildt
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Carl Bildt

The Foreign Ministers of the European Union will meet on Monday. There is also scheduled a meeting between the EU and Israel in the so-called advisory council. Last year, the EU promised to strengthen the ties with Israel. The promises has not resulted in any action.

The Foreign Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt can not confirm any new policy shift:

«The Israeli Government has taken a step backwards, since they do not want to talk about a two-state-solution», said Bildt after a meeting in the EU Committee in the Parliament of Sweden.

Sweden is due to take over the Chairmanship in the European Union in about six months. Than Carl Bildt will be the head of the 26 Foreign Ministers of the Union. Bildt said that:

«The Government of Israel has to decide to work for a peaceful solution, thats include a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel. The EU is also critical to Israel`s policy of settlements, which approve that Juridical colonialists build house, and new townships on occupied Palestinian land».

Source: The Swedish Christian online newspaper «Dagen».

My comment:

Carl Bildt has believed in the Islamic lie that the stumbling block towards peace in The Middle East is Israel. If we believe Bildt, the problem is not Radical Islam, suicide bombers, the ongoing civil was between Islamic fractions, and «peace partners» that promotes implementation of Islamic Sharia laws.

The last 61 years, the Islamic World has told us: When the Jewish state in the Middle East are no longer Jewish, than there will be peace. Please remember that between 1948 to 1967, the so-called West Bank was controlled by the Kingdom of Jordan.

That did not stop the formation of the PLO in 1964.

How come?

Because the rhetoric about «peace» has no base in the truth. The Islamic proposed two-state-solution, will just be a delay of the ultimate Islamic goal.

Carl Bildt has earlier come up with this strange comment on the Gaza war.
« Since Israel is blocking supplies into Gaza, its understandable why Hamas dig tunnels into Egypt to get supplies of gasoline and food».

Only a mad or blind man can talk like this. Why cant Hamas get gasoline and food through the normal Rafah border crossing with Egypt? If a border between Muslim brothers is closed, Hamas is surely not digging tunnels to get connected to Pizza Hut…

The Swedish Foreign Minister, a former Prime Minister, was earlier this spring denied entrance into Sri Lanka to «negotiate» peace with Tamil Tiger Terrorists. He was probably told He would not be welcomed at the airport, but sent back to Sweden.

2 thoughts on “Sweden: «Israel is a colonial occupier of Palestinian land»

  1. Dear Tim A.

    Thanks for a positive reply. This kind of messages keeps me blogging.

    Its true that Islam tries to deceive us. There are many other deceptions man can fall into, to be carried away from his Creator. He promised to make Israel a light to the World. He did it. He promised to bless all nations through His chosen people. He did it.

    And all the worldly people have done through the ages, is to prosecute and kill them?

    To the opposite: Its our duty to return our blessings. In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

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