– Since people do not come to Church, we have to send the Communion by post.


This is a statement by Archbishop Jonathan Blake in an Independent Catholic Church in United Kingdom. The blood of Jesus and his body can be purchased for two British pounds.

This amount included package and stamps.


– We cant let elders and the sick miss the «Holy Communion», just because they are not able to come to Church on Sundays, explains Bishop Blake.

The Independent Catholic Church does also offer this door-to-door service to people who are not member of the Church. Also Atheists and Satanists, if they are interested.

– Jesus did not separate people. He gave up his life for all. The Body of Christ saves, says Blake, recored in the British Newspaper The Telegraph.

Source: The Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

We might disagree of the full meaning of the instructions the Messiah gave to his students during the Last Supper But The Last Supper was very much a fellowship meal, also called a communion.

It was in fact a Jewish passover meal, at the upper room in Jerusalem. I wonder what Messianic Jews might think when they read this?

Can we be surprised, that Jews during the ages have refuse to believe in this kind of saving Romish Messiah?

This kind of «express post saving grace» has nothing to do with the Gospel. It a blasphemy, that serves at least two purposes. The concerned Archbishop gives those who do not believe in the Messiah more ammunition against the Church. And since the Bible says that the Word of God is the «bread of life», faithful Christians will forever refuse to take part in this kind of religious Catholic rituals.

The Body of Christ on Earth is those who believe in Him, and we can not save anyone. The Holy Spirit does. And salvation can never be gained by eating an oblate with the image of a crucifix. When Jews were burnt at stake, many of them was first paraded behind huge Catholic crucifixes.