Pro-Western Lebanon refuses to recognize Israel

Lebanon has no plans to rush into peace talks with Israel. Lebanese lawmaker Saad Hariri, head of the victorious pro-Western «March 14» alliance in national elections this week, spoke to CNN on Tuesday .

Saad Hariri with former US President George W. Bush
Saad Hariri with former US President George W. Bush

«We will follow after the Arab initiative,» Hariri told CNN.

«The Arab initiative includes many countries for the peace process, and Lebanon will come as we see fit. The United States has a big role to play, and if it plays it in the right way, if it plays its role like it should play it, then we will have peace in the region… They should pressure both sides to move forward – whether the Palestinians and the Israelis, whether the Syrians and the Israelis – and I’m sure we’ll get there».

Lebanon has traditionally maintained that it would be the «last» Arab country to make peace with Israel, largely because the country’s fragile sectarian political system would likely not survive a battle over recognizing the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said yesterday that the new Lebanese government needed to be given the benefit of the doubt for now and allow it to show the world where it wanted to go.

However, he insisted Lebanon must also «abide by agreements – first of all, resolution 1701,» referring to the UN resolution that ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War between Israel and Hizbullah.

The Shi’ite terror militia still has a vast arsenal, including an estimated 45,000 rockets aimed at northern Israel, and has repeatedly stated that the Lebanese government should not try to disarm it.


My comment:

The US Vice President promised Lebanon fighter Jets, if the so called pro-Western alliance of Lebanon won the election. Now, the bombers will soon arrive.

If I was the leader of Hizbullah, I would have voted for the pro-Western Alliance. That would be the best way of getting more US fire arms into Lebanon, that I later could capture.

The US have been the biggest supplier of firearms to Taliban. Quite funny. But not for Israel.

Click here:

To read more about US supplies of Jets to Lebanon:

Read more about the US supplies to Taliban:

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