«Hamas interrupted the electricity in Gaza to blame Israel»

– Hamas even stopped aid convoys into Gaza to put the blame on Israel.

Leif Wellerop
Leif Wellerop

Leif Wellerop is the Norwegian representative for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ). He blames the Norwegian pro-Hamas doctor Mads Gilbert for trying to get back into Gaza to get more lies about Israel published in Norwegian Media.

During the Gaza war, Gilbert reported through Norwegian media, that Israel had cut of the electricity to Gaza, did not allow emergency aid to enter, and that Israel had stopped the supply of medical equipment to the people of Gaza.

– The truth is that Israel was the main supplier of aid to Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. It was Hamas who stopped some of the aid convoys , and even raided and stole aid from one of the United Nations warehouses, explains Wellerop.

– To restore electricity to Gaza, Israeli electrical engineers also had to fix the grid in Israel, who had been damaged by rockets fired into Israel. To do this favor for the people of Gaza, these engineers risked their own life.

When the light went out in the Gaza hospital, Matz Gilbert put the blame on Israel. But who put the switch off in the first place?
When the lights went out in the Gaza hospital, Mads Gilbert put the blame on Israel. But who put the switch off in the first place?

The pro-Hamas doctor Mads Gilbert was last week denied entry into Gaza from Israel territory. Gilbert will have to apply for a visa in Egypt, and enter Gaza from the south.

– A wise decision by the Israeli Government, says Wellerop.

Source: The Norwegian Christian Weekly, «Norge i Dag».

My comment:

For us who were not in Gaza, its very difficult to be sure of who are telling the truth. The pro-Hamas Norwegian doctor, or the IDF and Israeli Government.

But what we know, is that under the operation theater of the Gaza hospital, the Hamas leadership had a safe bunker. The IDF would never risk killing the Norwegian doctor and innocent children, to get to the real culprits behind the suffering in Gaza.

In wars, the truth is always the first to suffer. Hitler was a master in propaganda, branding him self a man of peace, and the Jews the promoters of war and sufferings.

Since Hamas wants all the Jews to leave Israel, and impose sharia laws on those who are left, dont be surprised that the terrorists are willing to put up any kinds of lies to get their will.

Read more about IDF Chief General Gabi Ashkenazi ´s views on Hamas

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