Malcolm Hedding: «The politics of betrayal against Israel»

«Israel is now expected to make peace with a Palestinian polity that is presently at war with itself and that does not accept Israel’s right to exist».

Malcolm Hedding
Malcolm Hedding

This is a statement by Malcolm Hedding, the Executive Director of The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ).

«This is the picture that is unfolding before our eyes concerning Israel and her battle for survival. Even her long-accepted historical narrative is being denied in order to achieve certain global goals».

Double talk from Abbas

Malcolm Hedding warns Israel against putting their faith in the PA:
«A Jerusalem Post report on the 1st of June noted that in an interview with Arab journalists, Abbas reaffirmed his refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state; his hard-line approach on refugees and Jerusalem; and of course his demand that Israel, at last, withdraw to the pre-1967 armistice lines».

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem
The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

Learn from World War II

«Like its northern cousin Hizbullah, it is funded and armed by Iran. In reality, Israel has fought two proxy wars with Iran in the last three years. Now she is expected to open negotiations with her enemies in the expectation of ultimately handing over Jerusalem to them».

«What right thinking Western nation would do this, and where in history is there a precedent for this nonsense?»

«The allies did this for a brief moment in 1939 when Hitler took over the Rhineland, Austria and the Sudetenland. They realized in the end that their policy of appeasement had encouraged destruc tion and war when it became Poland’s turn. Five years later, with tens of millions of lives lost, they counted the cost of “toying with evil” and turning a blind eye».

My comment:

Being the leader of an Embassy in Jerusalem, and representing ten of millions of Christians, Malcolm Hedding can not name leaders of any nation, and accuse them of betrayal of Israel.

I can. The most dangerous man for the Jewish People, just spoke in Cairo. He was born of a Muslim father, and his middle name is Hussein. He misquotes the Koran, bows down for the King of Saudi Arabia, and just came back to Riyadh to received the Saudi Kings highest award of honor.

Borrowed from
Borrowed from

He permits NATO-member Turkey to start military exercises with Syria, and do not have any objection to Iran producing enriched uranium, a substance needed to make a nuclear bomb, as long as they only use this material to produce electricity, for which enriched uranium has never been needed.

This man is named Barack Hussein Obama, and was elected US President with a huge majority . In his suit case, he now has a button, that he can use to send off the Nuclear arsenal of a super power named United States of America.

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