Saudi King has crowned two US Presidents

In 2008 President Bush got the order. Three days ago President Obama put this gold chain around his neck. «King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit», is the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabias highest honor.

The Presidents of the US keeps on being feed by Saudi Arabia
The Presidents of the US keeps on being feed by Saudi Arabia. Here Obama puts the Saudi gold medal around his neck.

The Saudi King Abdullah gave the following explanation, while honoring President Obama:

«Those are only given to the very few friends of the king, and you are certainly one of those», Abdullah said. He presented the thick chain and large medallion to Obama in an ornate meeting room with marble columns, engraved mirrors and a large chandelier.

Obama replied:

«Consider the king’s friendship a great blessing, and I am very appreciative that he would bestow this honor on me during this visit».

The US President who ruled during the fall of the Twin Towers, receives his award.
The US President who ruled during the fall of the Twin Towers, receives his award.

The gift appeared to be the same as that bestowed on President George W. Bush during a stop in Saudi Arabia in January 2008.

Source: Associated Press (AP). New York Post.

Some more insight

Human rights in Saudi Arabia are based on sharia religious laws under rule of the Saudi royal family. The government of Saudi Arabia has also been criticised for its oppression of religious and political minorities, homosexuality, and women.

In 2004, the United Nations Committee against Torture criticized Saudi Arabia over the amputations and floggings it carries out under its interpretation of Sharia. The Saudi delegation responded defending «legal traditions» held since the inception of Islam 1,400 years ago and rejected interference in its legal system.

Saudi Arabia forbids missionary work by any religion other than Wahabi/Salafi Islam. Jews are not permitted to enter Saudi Arabia.

«Freedom of religion does not exist», the U.S. State Department’s 1997 Human Rights Report on Saudi Arabia states. «Islam is the official religion, and all citizens must be Muslims. The government prohibits the public practice of other religions».

My comment:

Freemasons share brotherly secrets beyond the borders of casts and religions. I am not sure President Obama is a member of such cults, but many sources claim that President George W. Bush is a Freemason. I will not be surprised.

In fact the two US Presidents suits each other.

To make it possible for President Obama to brand him self as a «man of peace», the previous President had to start a couple of wars.

Without the so called «war on terror», the Islamic World could not have gone through such a rapid radicalization. And without the threat from Radical Islam, there would not be a need to «force Israel towards peace».

Keep also in mind that the terrorist who crashed into the Twin Towers in Manhattan, on 9/11, was all citizens of Saudi Arabia. Without this attack, Bush could not have started his wars.

Birds of the same feathers, keeps on flying together.

4 thoughts on “Saudi King has crowned two US Presidents

  1. Since so many of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia whom killed 3,000 Americans on 911 one would think Saudi Arabia would have been bombed instead of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush and Obama both were in bed with the Saudi king. Now Iran is becoming a dominate power in the Middle-East, Saudi Arabia offers Israel refueling rights to bomb Iran,yet does nothing to promote peace among Arabs and the nation Israel.

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