Arab study: Regional arms race already on

Even before Iran has even tested a nuclear device, several of its Arab neighbors have already moved to upgrade their conventional defenses. Also they could be on their way to building their own nuclear option.

An Iranian Shahab 3 missile
An Iranian Shahab 3 missile

This is the findings of a new study published by the Institute for Near East Gulf Military Analysis in Dubai.

Most Arab governments have little confidence that any political effort by America and/or Europe will stop Iran’s renegade nuclear weapons program and are wary of a deal between Washington and Tehran that would leave them in a more difficult position, the study concludes.

If Iran acquires nuclear weapons and threatens to use them, even against Israel, the moderate Arab regimes in the region might be forced to accelerate their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons in order to save face with their own people as well as provide a strategic counterweight to Iran.

Meanwhile, Jane’s reported that the Iranian navy has commissioned three indigenously built midget submarines on June 1. These submarines are similar to the German-built Dolphin class boats that experts believe contain part of Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

The new submarines might be used to give Iran a “second strike” capability in case its land-based rocket force was destroyed in an American or Israeli attack.


My comment:

They all talk about peace, but re-arm them self for the next war.

It was like this during the 1930-ties in Europe. Both the UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the Nazi-leader Adolph Hitler presented them self as men of peace. Hitler was the most radical of them.

Hitler promoted nothing less than «World Peace», the first man who wanted to go global. To achieve this, the Jewish People was the stumbling block that had to be pacified. He almost succeded.

On 30 September 1938, upon his return to Britain, Prime Minister Chamberlain delivered his famous «peace for our time» speech to delighted crowds in London.

Hitler promised peace. The World got war
Hitler promised peace. The World got war

Adolph Hitler even published a booklet with all his speeches about «peace». Herr Hitler struck a peace deal with Islam.

What is Obama doing today, in regards to Israel and The Middle East?

This message might help you to recognize the pattern of the spirit of antichrist. If you rather want to be deceived by all this «anti-Biblical false peace talk», you will finally be lost.

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