Danish nun abused in Catholic cloister

«Misuse of power and violence».This is the message from the Danish Nun Helene Hägglund. She was in a cloister for 12 years. The former Danish nun did yesterday release a book with the name: «Nun, inside and outside».


Helene Hägglund does not disclose name of people who have abused her, places and sites. She claims she does so to protect other nuns in the concerned places.

Catholics in Denmark do not approve of her secrecy.

– By doing this, she targets the whole Catholic Church. Only when we come to know about who have abused her, we will be able to correct our ways, says Catholic priest Jesper Fich. He has read the book, and works under the concerned Bishop.

Fich claims he know which cloisters the nun have served in, but refuses to comment on the issues. The Danish Christian daily newspaper «Kristelig Dagblad» claims to know that the concerned cloister is «Marias Heart Cloister at the Sostrup Castle in Grenå».

The head sister Theresa Brenninkmeijer gives the following comment to the book.

– What shall I say to science fiction? We have been told to love one another. Para.

The conserned Catholic Bishop
The conserned Catholic Bishop Czeslaw Kozon

The Roman Catholic Bishop Czeslaw Kozon have not been available for comments.

Source: The Danish Christian daily «Kristelig Dagblad»

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