Branding Israel as a dangerous place to visit

Keen on destroying Israel as a safe tourist destination, Institute for Economics and Peace is labeling Israel as the fourth most dangerous nation to visit. Just behind Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The best and safest place to study this index must be in the Dead Sea
The best and safest place to study this index must be in the Dead Sea

Just weeks after Israel reported a 30 per cent decrease in incoming tourists, a new Global Peace Index (GPI) has ranked Israel at the bottom end among 144 of the world’s nations by their «peacefulness».

The Index claims «it identifies some of the drivers of peace».

The promoter is called Institute for Economics and Peace. Global endorsers On the home page of Global Peace Index you can read:

«The following individuals and organisations have endorsed the Global Peace Index as a groundbreaking piece of research that will help form the basis for more rigorous research into peace. They all agree that without a world that is basically peaceful, it will be exceedingly difficult to solve many of the intractable problems facing humanity today».

The endorsers should come to Israel for a holiday. Here from Eilat.
The endorsers should come to Israel for a holiday. Here from Eilat.

The endorsers who demonize Israel are in a new rainbow alliance that includes the Queen of Jordan, the World Buddhist leader, The former Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Secretary General of the United Nation.

Iran who publicly says they will destroy another member of the United Nation, is ranked number 99. Jordan is number 64. Libya gets the slot number 46. United Kingdom who has been fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is number 35 from the top.

Israel is number four from the bottom. Labeled with African anarchy civil war nations like Sudan, Somalia and Congo.

Shame on you who have endorsed this kind of index, and labeled the free and democratic nation of Israel like this.

Take a look at the list of some of endorsers:


* President Martti Ahtisaari

* Mr. Kofi Annan#

* President Jimmy Carter*

* His Holiness the Dalai Lama*

* Professor Joseph Stiglitz*

* Archbishop Desmond Tutu*

* Mrs. Betty Williams*

* Professor Muhammad Yunus

* Amnesty International*

* The Grameen Bank


* Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland & former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

* Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan

* His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Read the index: Click here:

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