Norwegian doctor: «Gaza is strangled slowly»

«There is no meat, no building materials and fuel. The society in Gaza is strangled slowly» This is a statement from the anti-semitic Norwegian doctor Erik Fosse. Yesterday he was back in Gaza to put more blame on Israel.

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Gilbert and Fosse. Two of a kind

The Norwegian daily Newspaper Dagbladet is quoting Erik Fosse in its Saturday Edition, 31st of May 2009.

My comment:

During the Israeli Military operation in Gaza to stop Hamas rocket fire into Israel, Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert put all the blame for the misery of Gaza on Israel.

Unlike Fosse, Hamas is not accusing Israel of such «strangling» of the people of Gaza.

The Israel Government have never given more aid to Gaza than now, also allowing International aid to pass through Israel into Gaza.

Two days ago, the Defense Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, gave this public statement:

«More aid and supplies are being let through to the Gaza Strip now than in the days before Operation Cast Lead».

«There is no hunger in Gaza,», Barak said, adding that the only goods not being let through are materials that could potentially be used by terrorist groups, namely building supplies.

Erik Fosse is having an anti-Jewish motive for his comment.

How did the Norwegian doctor enter into Gaza?

He came from Egypt, from the Egyptian border crossing of Rafah.

Why does Fosse not criticize Egypt? Egypt are muslim brothers of Hamas?

Why do Egypt not supply Hamas with «meat», and sometimes have to close the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt?

Why do Fosse support a Fascistic regime, that not even Muslim Egypt can tolerate?

Why is Dagbladet not asking questions like this?

Why do Dagbladet not quot Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak, or any other Israeli Government official?

What a mad, mad World of anti-semitism.

We cry when we see the sufferings of the people of Gaza, and pray to the Jewish Messiah Jesus of Nazareth, that He will help Israel and all lovers of peace, freedom and liberty to get rid of the evil regime of Hamas.

5 thoughts on “Norwegian doctor: «Gaza is strangled slowly»

  1. That quote doesn’t sound anti-semitic to me, it doesn’t sound pro-Hamas either. It sounds pro-people, people who are suffering, regardless of their race, religion, or government.

    1. Dear decoding you.

      Thanks for a sound and human comment. You are right. Thats why I have not labeled this comment as antisemitic. I have labeled Fosse to be an antisemite. This is based on his previous comments during the Gaza war. Every human being with a hot heart will cry, when they see the trauma of the people who live in Gaza. My point is that as long as they support Hamas, it will not get any better.

  2. Dear decoding you

    Comments by Gilbert and Fosse:

    «I feel people who live under occupation and without freedom has a right to fight for independence, just like Norwegians did under German (Nazi) occupation».

    Gilbert and Fosse did also work as «PLO doctors» in Beirut in 1982. They say they «feel the Gaza occupation will be worse than Beirut, and will be written in blood into the history of the World».

    The Norwegian Newspaper Aftenposten, 12th of January 2009.

  3. Falsely crying antisemitism’ to try to silence the growing international resistance to the zionist colonial enterprise works maybe in some cases for a while. But history teaches us that occupation breeds resistance. Israel is condemned to the dustbin of history not because the oppressors are Jews. But because they occupiers of stolen land.

    1. Dear Franklin.

      Your wrote:

      Zionist colonial enterprise…

      My comment:

      First, and most important. The state of Israel was founded on a United Nation vote. Its a legal state, based on International Law.

      Second, Israel gave the control of Gaza back to the people of Gaza, that did not wanted to be ruled by the Knesset.

      Why do you call this: «Zionist colonial enterprise».. ?

      Do you think the people of Gaza has got a better life, after they got self rule? Do you think that Hamas can give them a better life?

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