London University Union: «Israel is behind the collapse of Lehman Brothers».

The opponents of boycotting Israel has «bank balances from Lehman Brothers that can’t be tracked down». This is a statement of Sean Wallis. He is the secretary for the Union’s branch at University College London.

A representative for University College in London
Sean Wallis from the Union of University College,London

Wallis reportedly made the statement before some 80 people on Tuesday at a «fringe meeting» by the British Committee for Universities for Palestine in Bournemouth. The meeting was held in preparation of the Union vote.

The University union has for the fourth consecutive year voted in favor of boycotting Israel. Especially disconcerting to Zionists in United Kingdom was a statement by Sean Wallis, who reportedly said the position that a boycott was illegal was attributable to lawyers backed by people with «bank balances from Lehman Brothers that can’t be tracked down».

Until its 2008 crash, the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a global financial-services firm. It was established and owned by Jews. According to one false theory, Jewish executives at Lehman Brothers sent 400 billion USD to Israel before the bank collapsed.

«This disgusting remark shows that the agenda of at least some in the Israel boycott movement goes way beyond the political into the outright racist», Jonathan Hoffman, co-vice chair of Britain’s Zionist Federation.

Source: The Israeli Daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

Its interesting to see that the worst anti semitic comments does not come from uneducated people. People from Universities in England are sometimes the worst supporters of anti-Jewish slogans.

May be not so strange, since the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become the largest private sponsor of the Universities in United Kingdom?

Sean Wallis attack on the legacy of Henry and Mayer Lehman is outrageous.

Emanuel and Mayer Lehman
Emanuel and Mayer Lehman

Henry Lehamn was a cattle merchant, that emigrated to the US in 1844. He cam from Rimpar in Bavaria, located in the district of Wurzburg in Germany.

Thanks to this two men of Jewish origin, the World got their radios and television sets.

During the great depression, in the 1930-ties, Lehman Brothers underwrote the initial public offering of the first television manufacturer, DuMont, and helped fund the Radio Corporation of America.

The Lehman Brothers also raised the initial funding of the Oil Industry of America, including the companies Halliburton and Kerr-McGee.

Without the help from the the Lehman Brothers, the Universities in England might not have got their personal computers. It was the Investments Bank started by two European refuges who raised the first funds to Digital Equipment Corporation in the 1950-ties.

We all regrets the collapse of the Lehman Brothers. But to blame the Jewish Nation for brining down one of the most used Global Investment Bank, started by two Jews, is like blaming Israel for your own personal financial problems.

Read more about Saudi Arabian influence in England:

Click here:

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