Arabic civil war North West of Jerusalem

Three Arab Palestinian policemen, two Hamas gunmen and a bystander were killed in a clash North West of Jerusalem on Sunday, PA security officials said.

The security fence keps the civil war outside Jewish populated area. Unfortunately also innocent children out
The security fence keps the civil war outside Jewish populated areas. Unfortunately also innocent Arabic children , who might become the next suicide bombers.

Security officials said Palestinian police raided the city of Qalqilya before dawn to arrest Hamas members, touching off gunfights. They named the dead Hamas men as Mohammad Yasin and Mohammad Samman. The names of the dead policemen were not immediately given.

The incident was among the bloodiest internal «Palestinian» confrontations since U.S.-backed President Mahmoud Abbas pressed a security drive and revived peace talks with Israel after breaking with Hamas over its 2007 takeover of the Gaza Strip.

The incident is likely to widen a rift between Fatah and Hamas. Tensions have been high between the rival groups since Hamas Islamists seized the Gaza Strip in June 2007 after routing Fatah forces loyal to Abbas.

Hamas says Abbas’s Fatah-dominated security forces are pursuing a crackdown on its activists. The Islamist group said on Saturday that 22 of its activists were arrested in the «West Bank».

Fatah denies such arrests are politically motivated. A security official in the West Bank said the individuals arrested on Saturday were involved in hiding weapons, money laundering and incitement to violence.

A spokesman for Hamas in the Gaza Strip said Saturday’s arrests were an attempt by Fatah to sabotage Egyptian efforts to reconcile the two rival groups.

Source: The Israeli daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

The city of Qalqilya is an interesting city. Its one of the most Western points in Judea, hardly 15 kilometer from the Mediterranean Sea, and the closes Islamic township to Tel Aviv. From here Islamic terrorists can easily cut Israel in half, and separate Haifa from the rest of Israel.

Qalqilya has been ethnic cleansed of Jews and Christians, ruled by one of the most effective Apartheid regimes in the Middle East, ruled by the PA authority in Ramallah and Hebron. Only the security fence stops the suicide bombers from entering into more populated areas of Israel, with a Jewish majority.

During the «Intifada», Islamic terrorists used Qalqilya as on of their main bases.

Remember that the «Intifada» was not a war against occupation, but a war against peace. Yassir Arafat said «no» to a peace deal, that would have given the Arabs 97 per cent of Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem as their capital.

The Islamic civil war goes on in Qalqilya. The moment Israel is forced to remove the security fence, the civil war will turn into a war against the Jewish Nation.

if there is a better way of dealing with Fascism and terror, please tell me.

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