Sources in the Israeli defense establishment have voiced concerns that Hizbullah is seeking to deploy batteries of Russian built SA-8 anti-aircraft missiles on the hilltops near the northern border. This is a bid to neutralize the IAF in any future conflict.


Israel has said in the past that such a move would be a red line that, if crossed, would force Israel to respond. The Russian built missiles were supplied by the Syrian military, which also trained fighters in the Shiite terror militia in their use.

Since the inconclusive end to the Second Lebanon War between Israel and Hizbullah in summer 2006, both sides have been anticipated a renewed round of fighting. The SA-8 worries come as the Hizbullah alignment in Lebanon i s poised to make significant gains in upcoming national lections on June 7, as well as a German media report that the UN plans to hold Hizbullah responsible for the 2005 assassination of Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Israeli officials are nervous that the tension in Lebanon surrounding the election and other developments could cause the shaky situation on the border to erupt.

Source: ICEJ.COM

My comment:

War is never the best option to solve conflicts. But if Hizbullah gets advanced rockets from Syria, Israel might have to strike first. The other option, is to wait till such rockets lands in Israel. That is not a good option for Israel.

Modern War is always a matter of electronics. Today, Israel is ahed in electronic war fare in the Middle East. The IDF have aircraft, that can not be shoot down by Hizbullah.

That can change, «thanks» to Russian technology.

Syria is fighting a proxy war with Israel from the soil of Lebanon. Syria is using the terrorist organization Hizballh to harm Israel.

The first victim of such double games is the truth. The next victim is innocent Lebanese people, killed in the next Israel-Lebanon war.

But is the Lebanese people innocent? Neither have the Lebanese Government disarmed Hizballah, nor have the Muslims in Lebanon stopped supporting and supplying Radical Islam. And the International community at large do not care.

What do the World expect Israel to do?

Still waiting for the best answer.