Norwegian TV 2 promotes and supports David Irving

TV 2 paid the flight ticket and hotel for David Irving. Than they filmed the Oslo-visit by the Holocaust denier, and made it into a staged managed media-event.


The Norwegian private TV canal TV 2 has no moral, no values and no scruples. Yesterday, the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK published the story: TV2  financed David Irving, on his present trip to the Norwegian capital Oslo.

The famous Holocaust denier was supposed to participate at an Literature festival in the Norwegian city of Lillehammer. But media focus made both the festival and Irvin change their minds, and the program post including David Irving was canceled.

The Norwegian TV 2 steeped into the media-plans of David Irving.

The Norwegian television canal is sponsoring a man with Neo-Nazi views on World War II, and who deny that there was a genocide against the Jewish people. TV 2 have created anger among politicians, who normally would support accusations against Zionism and Israel. Even member of the Norwegian Socialist party in the Parliament of Norway have in public requested Norwegians to boycott TV 2.

– Turn of your TV when the interview with David Irving is going to be published, says Karin Andersen, a socialist in the Parliament in Norway.

My comment:

The love of Money, is the root of all evil. This in not my words, but the words of the Jewish Messiah. He was right, and He is right.

The Norwegian TV 2 feels they can earn some money by promoting a visit by David Irving.

I am sure TV 2, would have done the same if they could, by putting Joseph Goebbels into a nice hotel in Oslo in 1938. «A good show for television, and a money making event»

7 thoughts on “Norwegian TV 2 promotes and supports David Irving

  1. We cannot simply block out those we do not like. People with views we do not condone. Just because we do not agree with what they are saying and believing. This is the way of a free speech and freedom of expression. It is a fragile thing, but to avoid loosing it we need to sometimes let even the devil speak his mind. Even give him primetime on TV. The protesters of Norway should know this more than anyone, after how they relentlessly supported the Muhammad drawings a few years back. Anything for free speech…. well, this is what you get.

  2. Dear Jehal.

    Holocaust denial is a criminal offense in countries like Germany and Austria. It is not a criminal offense in Norway. The freedom of expression is a basic right linked to democracy. But the freedom of expression has certain limits. I agree with people who would put people like Adolf Hitler in prison. The Nazi-leader was there before he came to power. The World might have been a better place if Hitler had never been released from jail.

    1. I believe the best way is to meet them in open discussion and with arguments. To ridicule them and show them for what they are. By denying them the rights we all demand and locking them all up forever we accomplish only to isolate them even further and fuel their radicalism. Weak minds will start believe that there really is something to what they say. And if Hitler had not been released from jail there would only be another one. That part of history had already been written at the time.

      P.S. Er du Norsk? 🙂

  3. Dear Jehal.

    You wrote:

    «And if Hitler had not been released from jail there would only be another one».

    My comment:

    The other one would have been put in prison too. This is the only way to deal with Fascists. Have absolutely no tolerance. Its not fun to be a Fascists leader is prison. It might not kill Fascism, but cripple it from the start.

    I feel history has proven that your way have not worked, and will not work.

    Please forgive me, if I am wrong.

  4. Your right, we should have absolutely no tolerance with fascists, for what they say and condone. But to imprison them because they may do some bad stuff, thats to simple. Where will that end? Then there are so many, sooo many others that need to be locked up for their beliefs. Most people actually, it all depends who makes the judgement.

    ‘The other one would have been put in prison to’

    then there would be a third one. Stalin would have invaded Europe which he planned. Dont you see? It doesnt matter fascist or communist or religious fanatic, the mass murders would have happened anyway. We humans always find a way to make it happen.
    I feel my way works, look at Norway, we have no fertile conditions for the extremes.

  5. Dear Jehal.

    Thanks for another very good and reflective comment. You are talking about the problem with evil. Evil can not be put in prison. Not yet. Only when the Jewish Messiah returns, evil will be judged. Those who have participated in the deeds of darkness and evil, will not escape the everlasting wrath of God.

    Yes, Norway have a liberal legal system, that does not put fascists in prison. But Fascists at large, does not pay much attention to Norway. The visit of David Irving highlighted that Norway is pretty naive when it comes to the deadly poison spread by people like Irving.

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