Israel: Incoming tourism falls 27 per cent in April

The number of hotel stays by foreign tourists dropped 27 percent in April, the Israel Hotel Association reported Monday.«The incoming-tourism sector is in a deep crisis»
This is the statement by Rafi Farber, deputy director-general of the Israel Hotel Association, said Monday. «Ever since Operation Cast Lead, coupled with the growing impact of the global economic crisis, we are reporting heavy declines in overnight stays and occupancy rates at hotels».

The cancellation of the VAT exemption on tourism services, which is part of the government’s proposed budget for 2009-2010, would hurt the industry, he said.

In April, the national hotel occupancy rate fell an average of 18 per cent to 59 per cent compared with the same month last year. The total number of overnight stays in April dropped 12 per cent, to 1.7 million, compared with the same month a year earlier. Foreign-tourist overnight stays were down 27 per cent in April, to 709,000, from 975,000 the previous year. Overnight stays by Israelis rose 4 per cent over the same period.

In almost all areas of the country, the number of overnight stays dropped in April, with the exception of Eilat, where they were up 10 per cent, to 118,000. Among the hardest hit areas were Tiberias, down 4 per cent, to 46,000; Jerusalem, down 35 per cent, to 214,000; Haifa, down 32 per cent, to 62,000; the Dead Sea, down 28 per cent to 49,000; and Tel Aviv, down 24 per cent, to 141,000.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Being a man who could blame the Pope in Rome for a lot, I shall not put my blame on him for this decline in tourist traffic into Israel. At least He did what all of us should do. Go to Israel, spend some time and money there.


Personally, I am planning a visit to Jerusalem this year. I want to encourage all the readers of this website to do the same.

The best way of supporting Israel, is to buy Israeli products or spend a Holiday inside the Jewish Homeland. Dont forget to go up on the Mountain of Zion, and support the settlers who rightfully have build their home on the land that their God has given them as a everlasting homeland. (Gen 17:7-8).

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