Nuclear North Korea supplies Iranian rockets

Irans bull’s-eye accuracy in long range missiles have been provided by North Korea. Yesterday Pyongyang fired a nuclear bomb. If the US and Israel do not act, Iran will soon become the next member in the nuclear club.

Two of a kind. They dont listen to the International comunity
Two of a kind. They dont listen to the International comunity

Iran’s long-range missile test was carried out less than a month after North Korea’s own internationally condemned missile test launch on April 5.

Most of the missile guidance technology which gave the long-range Seijl 2 surface missile tested by Iran May 20, is imported from Pyongyang. In specific the rockets bull’s-eye accuracy came from North Korea.

The US president Barack Obama said North Korea’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons was a threat to international peace and security and a matter of grave concern to all nations. This was his first response to North Korea’s second nuclear test Monday, May 25.

The former head of Israel’s nuclear commission, Yigal Eylam estimated it was in the 20-kiloton range, roughly equal to the US atom bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.

DEBKAfile’s military sources note that North Korea and Iran are closely and secretly coordinated on their military nuclear programs. Tehran may therefore be expected to be not far behind its nuclear partner in conducting its own first nuclear test. Iranian nuclear and missile scientists are regularly invited to attend North Korea’s missile and nuclear systems experiments and performance in recent years.

Source: The DEBKAfile’s

My comment:

The US President Obama has already an image problem. After North Korea fired a long-range missiles over Japan in April, Obama warned North Korea with serious consequences. Nothing has happened.

Israel should simply not trust this man. North Korea fired a nuclear bomb yesterday, after years of US-promises that they would disarm North Korea from its nuclear capabilities.

The next to go nuclear, would be Iran. That will be a nightmare, not only for Israel but fort the whole World. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad is a Messianic cultic Islamist, who believe that the 12 Imam will not return to save the World, before Israel is destroyed. Ahmadinejad believe in chaos, and in Muslim supremacy over Christianity and Judaism.

President Obama. Welcome to the World of terror. Stand up with Israel and stop this evil man in Teheran. Just like the US helped Europe to get rid of the evil man in Berlin in 1945.

2 thoughts on “Nuclear North Korea supplies Iranian rockets

  1. Obama does not have an image problem, he has a real problem. He is an over hyped personality who has a decision deficiency.He is a good talker, not a good doer. He has been artificially inflated by the american media and people and raised to a high pedestal, thus he is going to fall hard. He cannot be trusted to serve Israel’s interest. Only God will do that. So I an not afraid for Israel I’m afraid of the fallout for other nations.

  2. Dear Ozzy.

    Yes, you are right. Just like Israel, we all need to put our trust in God of Bible. Obama is a sinner, just like all of us. We all need His mercy, and must be faithful to the Word of God. The Messiah, Y´shua, Jesus of Nazareth is the Word of God that became flesh. We shall all put our trust in Him.

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