Israel will suffer terror, missiles in future war

Israel is likely to face simultaneous missile strikes and terror attacks across the country in the event of a war breaking out, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said Monday.


Vilnai made the comments during a session of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, in which he said the Home Front Command would simulate defending against such an assault as part of a large-scale drill to be held next week.

«This isn’t an imaginary situation. This isn’t detached from reality and if there is a war, it’s very likely that this is what will happen», said the deputy minister.

The Israel Defense Forces drill, codenamed «Turning Point», has been billed as the largest exercise ever in Israel’s history. IDF Brig. Gen. (res.) Ze’ev Zuk-Rom, the National Emergency Authority chief, also participated in the briefing.

He said the drill will be based on lessons learned in different exercises held over the last two years, including ones learned during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s recent offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

Source: The Israeli Daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

Every citizen of Israel knows that the IDF could not prevent 4.000 rockets from hitting Northern Israel during the second Lebanon War in 2006.

As a follower of the Jewish Messiah, I will continue to pray for all IDF soldiers, and for the political and military leadership in Israel.

Unfortunately, for all of us. There will never be peace based on the truth in the Middle East. All kinds of «peace agreements» have failed and will fail.

The Arabs have always spoken about «peace» in public. But behind the curtains in Arabic, they all prepare for war. The next war will be bigger than the previous.

There will be no lasting peace before the Jewish Messiah returns. He loves Israel, and wants the Jewish people to put their trust in Him. He shall return in the clouds of  Heaven, and come and reign Earth from Jerusalem.

Non of us can escape His judgment. His true followers are of all kinds of colors, nationalities and creeds. They all will have one thing in common:  They will stand with Israel true all her troubles.

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