Danish priest and Muslims pray together

The Lutheran priest in Brorsons Church in Copenhagen wants to make common prayer`s for Christians and Muslims.

Per Ramsdal
Per Ramsdal

Per Ramsdal is priest in Brorsons Church. When 60 Iraqi asylum seekers was refused prolonged stay in Denmark, Ramsdal invited them to the Church. He also wants to make a common prayer for Christians and Muslims.

Brorsons Church, Copenhagen
Brorsons Church, Copenhagen

Some member of the Church has reacted by anger, and submitted their resignation as member of the state owned Lutheran Church of Denmark. Others have expressed a desire to activate their sleeping membership in the Church of Denmark.

Source: Danish Christian daily: (Kristelig Dagblad).

My comment:

The ecumenical winds has made Per Ramsdal sail in the same boat as the Pope of Rome, who used his latest trip to the Israel to make peace with Islam, and promise them salvation.

Those who really love the Muslims, will tell them to change their ways, repent from their sins, and give their life to the Jewish Messiah Jesus. I hope and pray both the Pope and the Danish priest will do just that.

If they include Islam in God`s`plan of salvation, they declare that the Jewish Bible is a false book, and the Jewish Messiah a liar.

Welcome to the age of the anti-Messiah. Many will be deceived by the end time religion of humanism and the false teachings that all faiths leads us to the same God.

4 thoughts on “Danish priest and Muslims pray together

  1. Shalom Ivar,

    If that danish priest wants to have a common prayer for christians and muslims, he will have to see that the prayer is addressed to God the father, the God of Israel, through Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. If not he will be indulging in blasphemy.
    I do not think that the pope promised salvation to the muslims. That view is prejudiced.

    1. Dear Ozzy.

      I was not present in Jerusalem when the Pope spoke to the Imams. But its nothing new under the Sun, that Rome and Islam has struck a peace deal. The Pope will one day be accepted by Islam, and together they will force Israel into a false peace.

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