US to arm Lebanon with 42 fighter jets.

Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr says US Vice President Biden promised to provide the Lebanese defense with 42 fighter jets as well as helicopters.UAVs and tanks, regardless of election results.

- Welcome to Lebanon, US Vice president Joe Biden
President Suleiman.: - Welcome to Lebanon, US Vice president Joe Biden

On Friday The US Vice President Joe Biden concluded a brief one-day visit to Lebanon. During the stay he met mostly with leaders affiliated with the anti-Syrian camp, including Defense Minister Elias Murr.

Standing before an array of military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and helicopters that he said are part of more than half a billion dollars in US military assistance to Lebanon since 2005.

«We believe it’s crucial that you be able to do your mission to defend the state and citizens of Lebanon», Biden said.

Murr thanked US President Barack Obama and stated: «Our only obligation is to protect Lebanon and its borders, fight terror and uphold UN Resolution 1701»

Murr is quoted by Reuters saying said the United States was committed to meeting the army’s needs and had allocated more than $500 million USD to training and equipping Lebanese security forces since 2005.

According to Arab media reports Biden has given Murr concrete promises of weapons. The American vice president is pledged to have the said that the aid package would be given to the country unconditionally, although Biden on Friday said that the aid hinges on the outcome of the upcoming general elections.

The UN Resolution 1701

(12th of August 2006)

The Resolution demands:

* Full cessation of hostilities

* Israel to withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon in parallel with Lebanese and UNIFIL soldiers deploying throughout the South

* Hezbollah to be disarmed

* Full control of Lebanon by the government of Lebanon

* No paramilitary forces, including (and implying) Hezbollah, will be south of the Litani River

My comment:

The Obama government is again trying to befriend all the nations in the Middle East. Like a naive Santa Claus, Barak Hussein Obama sends his Roman Catholic Vise-president Joe Biden with fresh weapons to Lebanon, in a try to become popular in the «moderate Muslim World».

The secutity situation for Israel is already grim. Obama is going to make it worse
The secutity situation for Israel is already grim. Obama is going to make it worse

Again the US is cheating on Israel. Again the US is playing double games.

The UN resolution 1701 demands that the Lebanese government shall disarm the militia Hizbollah.

Do the US believe that the Lebanese government shall use the new 42 US fighter jets to disarm Hizbollah?

Hizbollah is today an integrated part of the National Unity Lebanese Government. The Radical Islamic terror organization has one minister, and holds 11 of the 30 cabinets seats in the Government.

When the US vice president supplies the Lebanese government, the US government also supplies Hizbollah.

In stead of disarming the Radical Islamic terrorist organization, Joe Biden is arming them.

Who do they think they can fool? Only people who do not know anything about Lebanon, or who do not care about millions of people who live under the slavery of Radical Islam.

The fresh US support of Radical Islam will also make the security situation for Israel even worse.

8 thoughts on “US to arm Lebanon with 42 fighter jets.

    1. Shalom Jonathan. I was looking for something in the morning, and was led into your old blog on Google. There, I saw the perfect map for todays message. May the Lord God of Israel keep on leading us, so we can stand for the truth and tell others about His great love and mercy.

  1. Shalom Brother Ivar. One thing I must point out is that sadly, these people are not naive. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Obama is setting up his muslim brothers to march on Jerusalem.

    1. Dear john daugherty

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Either Obama is completely incompetent, or he is a mastermind in how to create chaos. Putin is of the first opinion.

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