US money used to falsify the history of Israel

Rachels tomb in Bethlehem
Rachels tomb in Bethlehem

Rachel Tomb in Bethlehem has been renamed «The Mosque of Bilal bin Rabbah» by the PA-president Mahmoud Abbas and his Government.

After the Oslo accord, Israel was forced to give up the control over Bethlehem. The PA has taken the liberty to change the name of Rachel Tomb, a landmark in Judea that have told the World about the rich Jewish history of the city of Bethlehem, prior to the birth of the Jewish Messiah Jesus.

In schoolbooks given to Arab Muslim children in PA controlled Judea, the tomb has been renamed: «The Mosque of Bilal bin Rabbah». This falsehood in the PA schoolbooks is only one of many.

Rachel was the wife of Jacob, who was renamed Israel, the patriarch and father of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Source: The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMPI), quoting the PA schoolbook of National Education, grade 7 (2001), page 54.

My comment:

Its interesting to see that the Oslo accord has resulted in a systematic and institutionalized falsification of the history of The Middle East and in particular the history of Israel and the Jewish people.

Free and democratic Western nations, have financed the PA educational program, to erase the truth about the Jewish people, and their historical rights to a home land in Zion.

The World should have supported Israel`s`control over Judea and Samaria, not forced them to evict from the Jewish Biblical heartland.

This would have have been the only guaranty, the Arab Muslim Children would have learnt the truth about the History of the Middle East. Today, they are deceived by their own leaders, mislead and instigated to hate the Jewish people.

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