– Norway must withdraw all money from Israel

«The Norwegian Oil fund must sell their shares in Israeli companies, who are linked to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land».


This is suggested by Øystein Djupedal, a former Minister of Education in Norway.

The Socialist member of the Parliament of Norway claims that the situation for Arab Muslims east of Jerusalem has worsened.

«500.000 Israeli settlers are living on occupied Palestinian land, claims Djupedal. He accuses Israel of systematically denying Arabs freedom of movement, and abuses of their human rights. Norway can no longer support Israel. The Norwegian state owned Oil Investment Found has to sell their shares in Israeli companies» claims Djupedal.

In December 2008, the Norwegian fund owned shares in 41 Israeli companies.

The Norwegian socialist Party is a part of a center-left ruled Government of Norway

Source: The Norwegian news agency NTB and the Norwegian daily «Dagbladet».

My comment:

The Labour Party of Norway was one of the strongest supporters of Israel in the 1960-ties.

Israel has not changed.

The state of Israel is still a free and democratic country, who will permit persons like Mr. Djupedal to form a labor Union. He can even be elected as a socialist, and enjoy freedom of speech in Israel.

But the socialists in Norway have changed. Today they support totalitarian organizations, who hate Jews and the state of Israel. Who kill in the name of Religion, in the name of Islam.

I am not sure that Djupedal would even survive a year in Gaza or Ramallah.

Radical Islam would quickly terminate people like Djupedal, who defend homosexuals right to marry, lesbians who kiss in public, men who elect women as party leaders. Politicians who demand equality and similar salaries for men and women, and who do not believe that there is a God.

I could have made this list longer.

Something to reflect on?

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