Obama at «peace» with Iranian nukes

Leading Israeli experts are sensing that US President Barak Obama is «at peace» with Iran’s renegade nuclear weapons program and has «given up» on stopping it.

President Obama at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem
President Obama at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem

«The Americans are in a state of mind according to which Iran has already gone nuclear», Dr. Mordechai Kedar, of the Bar-Ilan University Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, told The Jerusalem Post in an article published Wednesday.

«You can tell from how the Americans talk. I don’t see them being pressured by this threat. They have shown no urgent desire to change this reality… Obama has given up».

«If they just go through the motions, but they don’t believe talks will succeed, that is worrisome,” agreed Emily Landau, director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Program at Tel Aviv University».

Kedar went on to explain that while Israeli leaders want to talk to America about stopping Iran, the US administration would rather talk about peace with the Palestinians and the concessions Israel must make to achieve it.

It took the US and the Soviet Union decades to prefect the technology for nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. But the Islamic Republic has a robust domestic arms industry. This industry have had great success in reverse engineering Russian, American and Israeli weapons it inherited from the Shah’s regime after the 1979 Islamic revolution. Iran has also collected weapons from different sources.

Many Israeli security officials also worry that Iran might not even bother to build missiles but just give a primitive Bomb to terrorist groups for attacks in Israel.

Source: ICEJ.com.

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