Netanyahu: «Jerusalem shall never be divided again»


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed Thursday never to divide Jerusalem, and pledged to keep the capital united under Israeli sovereignty.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke at a Jerusalem Day ceremony, Thursday.

«Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided».

Netanyahu said at the official state ceremony marking Jerusalem Day and the reunification of the capital during the Six Day War 42 years ago.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Prime Minister is finally supporting the view of his own electorate. All lovers of peace, justice and freedom needs to keep Binyamin Netanyahu in their prayers. To love Israel and the Jewish people, is to love the Arabs too. If they could only open their eyes and see the beauty of Israel, and build similar societies with values for human rights and respect for their own citizens freedom of speech, religion and movement.

Israel is surely not perfect. But she deserve our support.

One thought on “Netanyahu: «Jerusalem shall never be divided again»

  1. Good leaders are a very rare breed ,Israel is very very and extremely lucky to have most of them.
    A very good and a strong message from The PRIME MINISTER OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

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