Israel to hold back attacking Iran through year’s end

«Israel will not attack Iran at least until the end of the year».


In their meeting in Washington, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised president Obama time for dialogue with Teheran over its renegade nuclear program.

This is recorded by Israeli TV Channel 2 on Tuesday.

My comment:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an up hill task convincing President Obama that He has to act against Iran. As a great irony in the history of man kind, there was an other undecided American President that needed to fly to Teheran to get convinced.

Franklin D. Roosevelt flew into Teheran on November 28th 1943, to meet with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin.

What would they have done with «Herr Ahmadinejad»?
What would they have done with «Herr Ahmadinejad»?

Fascist Italy and Mussolini had just been defeated. Was it time to call «Herr Hitler» and offer peace?

The chief discussion in the summit of December 1943 was centered on the opening of a second front in Western Europe. Stalin and Churchill convinced Roosevelt that they had to push on the whole way to Berlin and remove Hitler. Before the Nazi-leader was defeated and put in prison, there could be no World Peace.

In 1943, Teheran was a fee city, under the protection of allied forces. Today Teheran is under sieges by an evil, fascistic regime. The Nazi-propaganda has shifted its base from Berlin to Teheran.

Benjamin Netanyahu know that if he does not go the whole way to Teheran, its might be the doom of Israel. Churchill was able to convince Roosevelt. Is Netanyahu strong enough to convince Obama?

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