Hamas might soon rule in Zion east of Jerusalem

– If ballots were cast in the «West Bank» today, there is a good chance Hamas would win. This was he message to the Knesset from Yuval Diskin, the leader of Shin Bet.


Shin Bet is the Israel Security Agency.
– A joint [Fatah-Hamas] government can only be formed through firm international pressure. Hamas will never voluntarily give up its rule in the Strip, and the Palestinian Authority will never cede its control over the West Bank, Duskin explained.

Hamas prepares for next war

Praising Egyptian security forces for their increasing successes in uncovering munition caches intended for Hamas in Gaza, Diskin warned against the illusion of a peaceful tranquility in the Strip.

«Hamas wants to maintain the calm in order to win the time it needs to reinforce and improve its standing on the ground»,he said, estimating that some 300 smuggling tunnels were currently active on the Egypt-Gaza border.

Source: Jerusalem Post:

My comment:

Did you know, that Adolf Hitler lost the President Election in Germany in 1932?

Hindenburg brought Hitler to power in January 1933
Hindenburg brought Hitler to power in January 1933

Paul Von Hindenburg got 53,1 per cent of the votes. The Communist leader of Germany, Ernst Thalmann got 10,1 per cent. Amazingly 36,7 per cent of the Germans voted for the Nazi-leader, wanted him to rule Germany.

The lost 1932- election, could not stop the Nazis. Neither could the «lost election» in Gaza stop Hamas.

In January 1933, a sick and old Hindenburg was forced to make Adolf Hitler the Chancellor of Germany.

The problem with dictators is, that when they finally gets political power, you dont get rid of them so easily. Like the Nazis in Germany, Hamas will be able to stage manage elections.

Its also worth noticing, that corrupt leaders often are elected to power by a corrupt people. In 1932, almost 40 per cent of the Germans wanted a totalitarian ruler. Hitler was the man who could give them both peace and jobs. He brought prosperity to Germany. He started by build the most amazing freeways in Europe, and industry production rose to new and high levels.

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