Stand up with Israel for Peace

The Jewish people have forgiven the Nazis. And they have moved on. Within 60 year of independence, they have made a desolate desert and wasteland into the most free and democratic nation in the Middle East.


During the Holocaust Remembrance Day 21st of April 2009, Jewish youth visited the Holocaust camp of Auswitch in the former Germany controlled Poland.

Flags with the Magen David ruled over the former Nazi death camp, that was used in the genocide of six millions Jews.

According to the Nazis: The only «crime» the Jews who died here had committed, was their birth by a Jewish mother.

One day, good shall finally prevail over all evil. Thats the day Y`shaua returns to His own people. On that day, His people will be a mix of Jew and gentiles, who care for both Jews and Arabs.

Love is the strongest force in the Universe. If you let hate and bitterness rule in your life, you will end up in the same eternal prison as the Nazis.

Please, do not do that.

If the Jews can forgive the Nazis, you can forgive whomever who has done anything against you.

Stand up for the Jewish Messiah. Stand up for Israel. Stand up for the Jewish people. The exisence of the state of Israel is a miracle, and the best proof that there is a living God of Bible.

Read more about how the legacy of the Nazi-propaganda is carried on by Radical Islam in many Arab nations:

Click here:

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