Sheikh Othman: «Kill the pigs.They are all Jews».

The legacy of the Nazi-propaganda is carried on by Radical Islam:

«According to the senior Egyptian religious leader Sheikh Ahmed Ali Othman: All pigs alive today are descendants of the Jews who were turned into pigs by Allah. The pigs should be killed».

 Jews butchered by the Nazis because they were Jewish
Jews butchered by the Nazis because they were Jewish

Source: Al-Moheet Arab News Network, 10th of May 2009:

The Jordanian newspaper Al-Hakika al-Dawliya May 9, 2009, cites Sheikh Ali Abu Al-Hassan, head of the Fatwa Committee at Al-Azhar [Sunni Islamic university]:

Al-Hassan believes that all the Jews who were turned into pigs by Allah died out without reproducing, and therefore there is no relationship between today’s pigs and Jews.

My comment:

These are comments from two Islamic religious leaders in two Arab countries that have signed peace agreements with Israel. But is there a true peace, or are they just talking about peace in public, but preparing for the final war against Israel?

The Holocaust did not just happened out of the blue. The Holocaust came as a tragic result of hundreds of years of hate towards the Jewish people.

It was the end product of Replacement Theology in Rome. The religious belief that God of the Bible had ended his relationship with the Jews. The Nazis labeled the Jews as «Christ killers». And they told the Germans: «Since the Jews killed Christ, we should also do the same with them».

They are wrong. The true followers of the Jewish Messiah Jesus have always loved the Jewish people, and we always will. The Messiah has brought the Jews home to Israel, to prepare for His second coming, first in the clouds of Heaven and next to Mount Olives in Jerusalem.

After the Nazi takeover of Germany, the hate of he Jewish people was institutionalized. It became a part of the Government policy, and entered into the media, movies and public debate. «The final solution» was approved by politicians and industrialist.

This is exactly the same process that takes place in todays Arab nations, and the disease is quickly transfered to Europeans nations and even the US. In Europe, the history just repeat it self. The Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler did eat pork, and did not label Jews as pigs. Hitler called them rats.

Lets take a look at Nazi anti-semitic advertisements, and the present day Arabic copies.

Nazi propagranda portraying the Jews as poison
Nazi propaganda portraying the Jews as poison
Arab newspapers carries similar hate messages
Arab newspapers today carries similar hate messages
The Jews were accused by the Nazis of being the enemies of Global peace
The Jews were accused by the Nazis of being the enemies of Global peace
The Jews are accused by the Arabs of being the culprit in the Middle East
The Jews are accused by the Arabs of being the culprit in the Middle East
The Nazis told us that the Jews are like worms , rats and rags
The Nazis told us that the Jews are like worms , rats and rags
The Arab media accuses the Jews for being the Facsists.
The Arab media accuses the Jews for being the Fascists, and an animal trying to get Global control
Nazi-Germany made the World believe the Jews were the problem, not the Nazis
Nazi-Germany made the World believe the Jews were the problem, not the Nazis
The Arab media tried to tell President Bush the same message
The Arab media tried to tell President Bush the same message
The Media in Nazi-Germany told us that the Jews were snakes, a treath to European women
The Media in Nazi-Germany told us that the Jews were snakes, and a treat to European women
    The Arab and Persian Media tries to tell us that the US Presidents are in the pockets of the Jews.
The Arab and Persian Media tries to tell us that the US Presidents are in the pockets of the Jews.

Nothing seems to have changed. The enemies of God of the Bible and the Jewish people have always worked in a similar fashion.

You have to do your best to avoid joining them, and become a tool of evil forces.

26 thoughts on “Sheikh Othman: «Kill the pigs.They are all Jews».


    The slaughter in the two contiguous camps at Sabra and Shatilla took place from 6:00 at night on September 16, 1982

    (Youval`s message has been shortened. If any one wants to read more about his stuff, go to the blogger: electronic Intifada)

    1. Dear Yuval.

      What you call the «Sabra and Shatila massacre» was a tragedy for the people who were killed. No person who have a warm heart can defend what took place in Lebanon on that day.

      But a much larger tragedy, is the Islamic Worlds hate towards Israel. This hate did not start on September 16th, 1982. It has it roots in God choosing the Jews as His people, and given them the task of becoming the caretaker of Eretz Israel. The devil will always hate what God loves.

      Islam is a much younger religion. It came into existence around 650 A.D. Than Israel and the Jewish people had existed for more than 3000 years. Arabs have many times in history lived in peace with the Jews. Muslims can not. Because the Spirit of Allah whisper in their ear, that they have to take back «Palestine». How can they take back, what has never been theirs?

      The reason for what you call the «Sabra and Shatila massacre» is an Islamic Holy war against Israel from Lebanon. When the PLO terrorists were expelled from Jordan in 1970, they settled in the politically weaker Lebanon. From there they started to attack Israel. In 1981, Israel saw no other options than to launch a military campaign into Lebanon to root out the evil called PLO.

      Israel would have succeeded, if France and the US had not come to the rescue of the PLO. An angry Saudi Arabia was on the edge of punishing the West with an oil embargo, and the US and France compromised. Did you know that Yasser Arafat «escaped» from Beirut on an French navy ship, so he could make Libya the new HQ for his terrorist activities?

      Many of the PLO-terrorists were operating from so-called refugee camps in Lebanon. Two of them was Sabra and Shatila. This is the truth.

  2. 1880 First Zionist colony in Palestine Established funded by British Zionists
    1917 France and Britain issue declarations in support of establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine
    1919-1948 British occupation of Palestine
    1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence
    1936-1939 First major Palestinian uprising against British and Zionist colonial projects starts with strikes and boycotts
    Put down brutally by the British occupation
    November 1947-April 1949 and beyond Large scale ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians
    530 villages and towns depopulated and removed off the face of (Israeli) maps
    1956 Israel invades and occupies the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula with French and British collaboration
    1967 Six-day war. Israel launches an attack which devastates armies of Egypt and Syria
    Israel occupying the Egyptian Sinai, the Syrian Golan and the 22% more of Palestine
    1973 Egypt and Syria initiate a war to reclaim the land illegally occupied by Israel
    Through massive US interference including massive arms airlift from the US
    Egypt and Syria are not successful in reclaiming their lands
    1982 Massive Israeli invasion of Lebanon
    Results in tens of thousands of civilian deaths due to carpet bombings of civilian areas and refugee camps
    Israeli backed and financed militias massacre hundreds of refugees in the camps of Sabra and Shatila in September 1982
    Today, 2/3rds of the nearly 9 million Palestinians live as refugees or displaced people

    Same excuse/lie every time (PLO terrorists operating form refugee camps !!) Tomorrow Osama bin Laden will abuse the same excuse saying there were a Mosad and CIA departments in the twin towers.
    OK let say i believe you, what excuse isreal has for leaving thousands of landmines in lebanon after the last war killing and injuring farmers and families up to this day breaching the International Total Ban on Anti-Personnel Land Mines convention September 1997???

    1. Dear researcher.

      Thanks for your historical lesson, that by default starts in 1880 A.D. Let me remind you that the Jewish roots to Zion is more than 3.000 years old. The city of Jerusalem was founded by the Jewish King David. And not to forget. In 1880, Zion was not occupied by Arabs. It was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, with its base in Istanbul, Turkey.

      The Bible says that Zion, Eretz Israel belongs to the Sons and daughters of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who was renamed Israel. What people think about this does not have any impact on God of the Bible. Those who goes against Him will face judgment and will finally end up in Hell.

      Zion was liberated in 1948, and the Jews from over 140 nations have come back home, and joined the remnant of Jews who have always lived in the land God gave their forefathers.

      1. Dear Nour.

        Shalom, and welcome to this site. Feel free. Everything on this site has been written to bless others.

  3. Isreali are smart and hard worker i respect that, but i refuse their crimes, daily occupation and expansion this is just an inhumane animalistic behavoiur and must be stopped.

  4. dear lili or any other person who feels the same way,
    you have your opinion and i respect that, but people dont realize what great things israel does for the whole world. great medical inventions are being made there, and great discoveries are being made there. and just think about this…. the jews have lived for many eternities, they lived in the times of the romans, the egyptians, the babylonians, the median empire, the persian empire etc.. all of these people have died out when christianity began with jesus, but the jewish people have not died out and will never die out!

    1. U dont realise the gravity of the statement, this is the final chance for Nazis, they r taking advantage of kind heartedness of Jews. The third and final war will cause total destruction of Nazis for next cycle of 3500 years as per Vedic calendar. Hitler was a fool to have believed that he is an Aryan. Also Sheikhs are the pigs, inspite of mentioned in Islam not eat pork, there r lot of people following pigs.

    1. Dear Riad Jaber

      Shalom, and welcome to this site. You can not both hate and love Hitler. 60 million people died in Word War II, six million of them Jews. I hope and pray you will be able to get some Jewish friends. They need to be loved, just like you need to be loved. May Jesus come to you in visions and dreams, and tell you how much he loves both you and the Jewish people. Amen.

  5. The sooner the Zionist world bank state is destroyed, the better off the wholw world would be.
    When it falls so will the Zionist controlled world media thought control nerve center, brainwashing people worldwide against Muslims.
    Muslim brothers & sisters will never give up the battle, and soon they will be joined worldwide by non-muslims who’s eyes have opened to reveal the true terrorist on this planet Isreal, and their puppet states USA, & Great Briton.
    Once again Germany will side with the Muslims. Hold the faith my brothers, freedom is coming, soon.
    Death to all Jews.

    1. Dear Jewpig

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      When the Nazi´s came t power in Germany, Jew-hate exploded in the society. The German people started the Holocaust by boycotting anything Jewish.

      That the 5,5 million Jews in Israel shall be a threat to 200 million Arabs, is something told by the father of all lies, The Devil. That the Jews control media is another Satanic lie.

      Take a look now: How many media do support Israel`s right to defend her self against Turkey trying to open the floodgates of Jihad into Gaza?

      If Israel do not manage to control the sea of Israel and Gaza, than Iran will not only send fresh bakery towards Gaza. There will be a Holy War to destroy the Jewish state it self.

      When Israel is gone, this Jihadist`s are told, that Europe and America is next. You have to make up your mind which side you are one.

      1. no my friend

        what terrorists want is for Jews to leave Palastine and for Americans to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. terrorists have existed because of these three reasons, and thats why they attacked the world trade centers. i dont hate Jews or like the Holocaust but i hate Zionists.

      2. Dear – a person –

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        You wrote:

        i dont hate Jews or like the Holocaust but i hate Zionists.

        My comment:

        Do you also like Americans, but hate America?

  6. jews are biggest layers in the world .. when god tell them to enter the holy land they refused and didnt obey tell moses go and youre god and faight ..!!
    and now you gauys claimin the palestine is yours !!

    i dont like hitler but he didnt did wrong with jews when burn them .

    1. Dear Human been

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I know that the sons of the devil will appear on this site once in a while. They share the same Jew-hate. Satan knows that as long as there is a Jew still standing, he display that the Bible is a true revelation from God the Almighty.

      Jesus paid for the sins of all the children of the devil too. But they need to leave their father, and come clean of their filth and perversion. If you beg Jesus for mercy, He will listen to your heart and save you.

      If you do not. Not only will you be banished from this site. You will have to spend eternity in the eternal fire of Hell.

      Mind my words.

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