Tony Blair provokes the Vatican by promoting sin

The former Prime Minister of England has provoked anger in the Vatican by promoting religious acceptance of sinful activities like free abortion and homosexuality. Blair converted to Roman Catholicism in 2007.


Many people of Great Britannia almost fell of their chair, when their former Prime Minister in 2007 converted from the Anglican faith to become a servant of the Pope of Rome. Blair has in public displayed disagreement with the Pope on issue like Homosexual partnerships, research on stem cells, free abortion and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Both Catholics and non-Catholics questioned how Tony Blair would be able to become an ambassador of correct Catholic moral laws.

Source: Danish Christian daily: «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

Tony Blair is neither a «good Roman Catholic», nor is he an evangelical Christian. The former British Prime Minister is opportunist, hungry for more power and more money. To achieve his personal goals, he is willing to promote any politically correct viewpoint.

Today, its not the Pope of Rome who have the politically correct stands on moral and values. Its Tony Blair.

The former British Prime Minister also has a politically correct view on the state of Israel. To get peace in the Middle East, Israel has to be forced to give up more of its Biblical heartland.

Dont put your trust in Tony Blair.

Neither do he have any moral scruples, nor do he have any regards for the Jewish peoples right to live in peace in Israel. Blair is a man who works for his own fame and fortunes.

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