Israel is making serious preparations for a conflict with Iran. Israel TV’s Channel 2 news has revealed that the Israeli Air Force has begun training involving mock dogfights against MIG-29.

An Israeli F-16 fighter.
An Israeli F-16 fighter.

MIG-29 is the backbone of Iran’s fighter/interceptor fleet. The MIG-29 is a highly advanced 4th generation jet fighter designed by the Soviet Union in the late 1970’s and exported to several countries around the world, including Iran.

The IAF knows that if they are ordered to launch an attack on Iran’s renegade nuclear weapons program, they will have to deal with the Iran’s fleet of Mig-29s. The IAF has «borrowed» a number of the aircraft from a «friendly» air force which also uses them for practice.

«We tested them; we trained the IAF pilots against them», an unnamed IAF official said.

According to the same report, other preparations include loading an F-16 with as much fuel and weapons as it is possible for it to carry and training pilots on how to fly the aircraft with all that armament over very long distances.

Source: Israel Chanal2

My comment:

War is never the best answer to our problems. But Israel can can not live with a nuclear Iran, with an nuclear armed Iranian president that says that Israel shall be wiped off the face of the Earth. Israel have had many enemies. Since 1948 the Jewish people has survived five wars for her survival. True Christians will stand with Israel in her troubles, and acknowledge that she has a right to self defense.

Israel shall not put their trust in US president Obama, but put their trust in the God of the Bible. He is also the Lord over Battles and Wars.

May God of Israel stand with the Jewish people, also in their effort to stop Iran from creating another Holocaust. In the name of Y`shua. Amen.