– Catholic Church responsible for anti-semitism

«The Pope lost an opportunity to make amends for this past, and not just for the unique Jewish tragedy of the Holocaust».


Malcolm Hedding is the executive director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. The Embassy has partnered with Yad Vashem to open a special desk for «Christian Friends of Yad Vashem».

In todays Jerusalem Post, Malcom Hedding has voiced his opinion about the Popes visit to Israel:

«No pope at any time – not even Pope John Paul II – has articulated that the Catholic Church takes full and direct responsibility for the vicious anti-Semitism down through the centuries in which, by the instrument of the Inquisition, hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered, tortured and expelled from Europe».

«The stories are well documented and cannot be denied. As with the Holocaust, papal admissions have spoken only of the «sins of the sons and daughters of the Church» but not of the Church itself».

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Published: 14.05.09.

8 thoughts on “– Catholic Church responsible for anti-semitism

  1. What about the murder of Palestinians? When are any Jewish leaders going to take full responsiblity for the King David Hotel bombing, the Baruch Goldstein massacre or any of the other vile terrorist acts the Israelis have committed?

  2. Hogwash, Ivar, shame on you!

    There were two major Inquisitions, the Medieval Inquisition and Spanish Inquisition. Although there are no exact numbers, scholars believe they have estimated Inquisition deaths reasonably accurately. There were not as many deaths as the popular press claims. Numbers have often been inflated to as high as 9 million by the popular press, with absolutely no scholarly research. This figure is completely erroneous. A broad range of scholars, many of whom were not Catholic, have carefully studied the Inquisitions. They looked at all the existing records and were able to extrapolate. In the Medieval Inquisition, Bernard Gui was one of the most notorious of the medieval inquisitors. He tried 930 people out of which 42 were executed (4.5%). Another famous Inquisitor was Jacques Fournier who tried 114 cases of which 5 were executed (4.3%). Using numbers that are known, scholars have been able to surmise that approximately 2,000 people died in the Medieval Inquisition. (1231-1400 AD)

    About 125,000 persons were investigated by the Spanish Inquisition, of which 1.8% were executed (2,250 people). Most of these deaths occurred in the first decade and a half of the Inquisition’s 350 year history. In Portugal of the 13,000 tried in the 16th and early 17th century 5.7% were said to have been condemned to death. News articles did not report if Portugal’s higher percentage included those sentenced to death in effigy (i.e. an image burnt instead of the actual person). For example, historian Gustav Henningsen reported that statistical tabulations of 50,000 recorded cases tried by nineteen Spanish tribunals between 1540-1700 found 775 people (1.7%) were actually executed while another 700 (1.4%) were sentenced to death in effigy (“El ‘banco de datos’ del Santo Oficio: Las relaciones de causas de la Inquisición española, 1550-1700”, BRAH, 174, 1977). Jewish historian Steven Katz remarked on the Medieval Inquisition that “in its entirety, the thirteenth and fourteenth century Inquisition put very few people to death and sent few people to prison; 90 percent of its sentences were canonical penances” (The Holocaust in Historical Context, 1994).

    During the high point of the Spanish Inquisition from 1478-1530 AD, scholars found that approximately 1,500-2,000 people were found guilty. From that point forward, there are exact records available of all “guilty” sentences which amounted to 775 executions. In the full 200 years of the Spanish Inquisition, less than 1% of the population had any contact with it, people outside of the major cities didn’t even know about it. The Inquisition was not applied to Jews or Moslems, unless they were baptised as Christians.

    If we add the figures, we find that the entire Inquisition of 500 years, caused about 6,000 deaths. These atrocities are completely inexcusable. These numbers are however, a far cry from the those used in the popular press by people who are always looking to destroy the Church.

    Nevertheless, the Inquisition tortures and death were inexcusable. I echo the voice of John Paul II “Forgive us Lord, Never Again”

  3. Dear David.

    Please write short messages. People who want to read the Vatican defense, can go to the Vatican home pages.

    There are also good web-pages which carries anti-semitic statements made by Popes and Cardinals.

    A Jewish lady who survived the Holocaust, and later accepted Jesus as her Lord, have told the World:

    «During the Holocaust, many Nazis met us Jews with the following message: «You killed our Lord. Thats why Jesus hates you».

    This statement is not made up. Its a result of Replacement Theology that was created by the leadership in Rome.

  4. Dear Massanova.

    When the Nazis were occupying France from 1940 to 1944, unfortunately, the lovers of freedom had to use force to evict them.

    In a similar manner, the United Kingdom occupied Israel, and refused to give this land back to the Jewish people.

    The colonial power had its placed its generals in King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

    I regret any loose of life. I wish that the Jewish people had got their land back already in the years from 1921 to 1930, just like London had promised. That would have saved the life of millions of Jews, and the generals from UK and their staff who died in the attack on King David Hotel.

    This message of mine also includes people who have died in other clashed between the Jews and the Arabs.

  5. Ivar, if Jews didn’t kill Jesus, who did??? Certainly Romans drove the nails into his hands and feet, but the Jewish Sanhedrin sentenced him to death.

    Does this mean we should still persecute them? Should the Nazis have persecuted them with this excuse? (And yes, it is an excuse) Not on my life!

    Blaming today’s Jews for Christ’s death is like blaming whites in the US today for slavery. Disordered. Nazis were disordered as well.

    Regarding my long post, if you’re going to make such sweeping statements filled with lies and half-truths, you’ve got to expect responses with corrections.

    There is no doubt that human people, popes and cardinals included, have made less than enlightened statements, and held less than enlightened views. That in no way changes the holiness or correctness of the true Church of Christ. The Church is holy because of Christ, in spite of the leadership on earth.

  6. Mr. Ivar,

    The land of Palestine was never London’s to give to “the Jews.” The British were protectorates, not occupiers. “The Jews” are the occupiers. Their desendant’s “homeland” was mostly eastern Europe as they were mostly ethnic Russians and Europeans.

  7. Dear Massanova.

    Thanks for a reflective reply, with some valid points. Yes, Israel is not England, and Jerusalem is not London. But Jerusalem is the City of the Jewish King David. Its a city that belongs to God of the Bible. Not to Arabs. Not to Muslims.

    While Jerusalem is mentioned 792 times in the Bible. It is not mentioned even once in the Muslim book of faith.

    When the Ottoman Empire occupied the land from 1517 A.D to 1917 A.D, the land of Israel was desolate, and a deserted place. When the Jews came back home, its has flourished.

    The Jews have no right to deny neither Christians not Roman Catholics access to their place of worship in Israel. Neither the Muslims. The truth is that the Jewish people have given us all this liberty and freedom.

    Israel has within 60 year become one of the best tourist destinations. Both for pilgrims, and for others.

    We should all praise God of the Bible for that.

  8. Dear David.

    You will have freedom of expression also on this web-site.

    Its for the sake of our readers, I would request you to write short messages.

    People who are interested in the topic of the day, can get good books to go into the details.

    Yes, the true Church is holy because of Christ. So lets focus on His Words, and obey His teachings.

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