Jay Michaelson: «Do Jews have a Jesus problem?»


«I want to understand Christ the way Christians do – not to become one of them, but in order to enrich my own religious life»

Jay Michaelson is a Jewish writer and teacher whose work focuses on spirituality, Judaism, sexuality, and law.

In todays Israeli daily «Haaretz.com», you can read his latest feature online:

«I want to learn from them how to have a personal relationship with a personal, humanized, embodied God who cares, and who saves. I want to experience Jesus as a human being enlightened enough to see everyone as holy, even the impure, the leprous and the marginalized. And I want to follow his example, seeing all my fellow human beings and myself as sons and daughters of God». In his feature under the column «Jewish World»

Jay Michaelson also express displeasure with the Talmudic criticism of Jesus from Nazareth.

My comment:

Did you know, Jay, that I do not call my self a «Christian?».

I call my self a follower of Christ.

And among my Jewish friends, may be even more to the point: «A follower of the Jewish Messiah».

He is surely a: «God who cares, and who saves». He is in fact the only one who can save both Jews and gentiles.

One thought on “Jay Michaelson: «Do Jews have a Jesus problem?»

  1. It isn’t theological ideas that separate or bond people…it’s conduct.
    In a hospital emergency room there will sometimes be Christian or Jewish clergy, often retired, who come to bring prayer and comfort. When my 9 year old daughter was dying, my husband was there all night with Rabbi Gold. The rabbi was a bastion because my husband didn’t relate to Pauline mysticism and cliches. We were Catholic and a priest would have been insufferable.
    However there was a lone priest who was often there, Fr. Donnelly. He was ridiculed by other priests but was always ready to help and give away whatever he had. He used to hang out at The Walmart snack bar just in case…people would often just talk and even confess.

    I became close with Fr. Donnelly after he went into a nursing home. I never saw any other visitors but one. We used to commiserate on how few caring Christians there were…so sad.
    So I consider Rabbi Gold and Fr. Donnelly to be one religion….they are together in Heaven…I hope enjoying me write this!

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