US aid helped Lebanon arrest alledged Mossad spies

The US should make up their minds. Do they support that Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad takes over Lebanon?
The US should make up their minds. Do they support a Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad take over in Lebanon?

Lebanon detained five more suspected spies for Israel over the weekend. This is the latest in a string of arrests of alleged Mossad operatives that may have been aided by the recent American training and equipping of Lebanese intelligence.

Revenge: Mossad helped Egypt

Some of the results of the Israeli operations are believed to have led to Egypt’s recent bust of a 49-member Hizbullah terror ring. More than 17 suspected spies have been arrested since January in a crackdown that has seen the radical Shi’ite militia Hizbullah share intelligence with Lebanese security officials about Israeli espionage operations against it.

Lebanon helped by the US

However, the suspected Mossad contacts may have been uncovered due to the huge amount of training, equipment and other aid the US has funneled to the Lebanese government to fight terrorism, amounting to over USD one billion since 2006. Lebanese security sources noted the improved cooperation and inter-operability of their different agencies was made possible by the training and equipment provided by the Americans. The US initiative to bolster «moderate» regimes in the Middle East through training and logistical support for their security services has had mixed results in Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority.

Hizbullah might win election

The Radical Islamic terror organization Hizbullah is said to be heavily favored in parliamentary elections scheduled for June 7 in Lebanon. This Islamic wind of change, have made the US lawmakers scrambling to review assistance packages. Israeli officials fear that despite the aid, the Lebanese Army will be unable or unwilling to resist efforts by Hizbullah to take over the country and all the weapons will end up in Hizbullah’s arsenal and used against Israel.

Source: ICEJ:com

My comment:

The latest spy war in Lebanon, is another prof that Israel is fighting an up hill battle for survival. The US is playing double games. The Mossad operation to prevent Hizbullah from staging a military cup in Egypt, should have been saluted by the International community. Not because the regime in Egypt is free and democratic, but because a Radical Islamic takeover of Egypt, would have turned the present situation in the Middle East from bad to ugly. A possible complete Hizbullah take over of Lebanon will be another nightmare for both Israel and all lovers of freedom and justice. The US should be standing with Israel. The people who believe in the Jewish Messiah does.

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