Norwegian judge targets Israeli leadership based on Islamic fake story

320x– Israel might have committed genocide in Gaza. What surprises me, is the amount of children that was killed deliberately.

As a part of an extreme anti-Israel media campaign, on Saturday, The Norwegian Human rights activist judge Mr. Finn Lyngheim gave the following statement to the Norwegian Christian Daily «Dagbladet»:

«I have been stunned to see by the high number of Children that has been killed deliberately. We are not able to understand why».

Lyngheim is a member of a group of lawyers and judges called «The Independent Fact Finding Committee on Gaza». He has earlier been a UN-appointed Judge serving at the War Crime Appeal Tribunal of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Friday Lyngheim sent his report on the Gaza war to the office of the Norwegian State persecutor, and requested the Norwegian authorities to consider putting the leadership in Israel on trial for war crimes.

The Norwegian newspaper has been allowed to quote from this report from Mr. Lyngheim. An Arab Muslim named Abed Rabo has give this eye «witness account» from a claimed to be attack from an crew of an Israeli tank:

« There were two soldiers inside the tank. We could see them. One of them was eating potato wafers, the other was eating chocolate. We waited on orders from them. Than a third soldier came out of the tank, and shot against the children. I was carrying my dead children, and the Israeli soldiers came out of their tank laughing».

Lyngheim is quoted by the Norwegian newspaper saying:
«This is only one example of Israel`s cruel war against the Palestinian people».

Source: Dagbladet

My comment:

The IDF and Israeli military forces has surely committed mistakes in Gaza. But which national army can be flawless in a fight against Islamic terrorists, who are willing to blow up them selves and innocent people in suicide attacks?

An Israeli tank
An Israeli tank

The Arab Muslim testimony of the behavior of the crew of the Israeli tank is «science fiction».


From outside, you cant see into an Israeli tank.


Israeli soldiers will never eat «potato wafers» in the line of fire. Neither would you do, in specially if you were inside a tank in a war zone, were anti-tank fire can take you life in the very next next second.


Israeli soldiers have done its best not to harm the civilian population of Gaza.

And last:

Israel is fighting an enemy that are willing to kill their own children, and put the blame on Israel. There are independent reports, that Hamas has used the children in Gaza as human shields, while fire on Israeli military unites.

There is no Israeli sources on this report. No one has been offered to explain that this Arab eye witness has based his words on lies and fiction. The Norwegian Newspaper Dagbladet still has a long way to go, before their reporting will be as effective as the German newspapers control by Nazi-propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels from 1933 to 1945.

Nevertheless, Dagbladet is granted a membership in the Global Media Club who keeps on distributing anti-semitic lies about Israel.

And for anyone that might be interested:

Chief Editor Anne Aasheim
Chief Editor Anne Aasheim

The Norwegian newspaper «Dgagbladet» was once up on a time a respected liberal chancel of fair and correct information. Today, the newspaper is known for its extreme anti-Israel attitudes, and its activist lesbian Chief Editor.

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