Taliban forces US Army to confiscate Bibles

US soldiers are no longer alowed to carry Afghan Bibles
US soldiers are no longer alowed to carry Afghan Bibles

The Islamic TV-station Al Jazeera reported about Bible classes inside an American Army base in Afghanistan. The US army responded by order the Afghan Bibles to be confiscated.

The US soldiers gave Afghans serving at an US Military base lessons in the Bible. The soldiers was using translated Bibles in the Afghan language of Pashtu og Dari. Al Jazeera made a report, accused the American servicemen of indulging in mission activities, and trying to convert Muslims in Afghanistan.

The TV-report is now being used by Taliban to launch fresh attacks on the NATO-forces and Christian leaders. On a Taliban controlled web-site, the American Army is accused of «using force to convert Muslims». Taliban also warns the Afghans to keep a special eye on missionaries among the American soldiers.

The American Army refutes the accusations, saying that there is no proof that the US soldiers were trying to convert Afghans. In 2006 an Afghan man was sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. He was pardoned by President Hamid Karzai after political pressure from free and democratic nations in the Western World.

Source: The Danish Christian daily: «Kristelig Dagblad».

2 thoughts on “Taliban forces US Army to confiscate Bibles

    1. Dear Reza.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I have censored your first comment, because of your filthy language. When it comes to the US war in Afghanistan, I feel its a complicated issue. The story was on Bibles to the Afghan people. Since there is a ban on distributing Bibles in the Muslims World, I feel that should be branded as religions dictatorship. The Muslim World needs to be liberated from Islam.

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