Spanish judge targets the Israeli leadership


The Spanish judge Fernando Andreu on Monday said he will keep investigating seven current or former senior Israeli officials over a 2002 air strike in Gaza.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak earlier this week urged Spain to «remove this evil decree». Israel’s Foreign Ministry called the decision «ridiculous” and groundless», while a Palestinian human rights group hailed it as a «great victory».

Legal attack on Israel Judge Fernando Andreu open the case in January at the request of Palestinian relatives of victims of the attack, which included nine children.

Andreu said he was acting under the principle of universal jurisdiction. This jurisdiction holds that grave crimes such as genocide, terrorism or torture can be prosecuted in Spain even if alleged to have been committed elsewhere.

A defiant Judge

The 2002 air strike in Gaza that killed Hamas terrorist Salah Shehadeh and 14 others. Spanish prosecutors last month urged Judge Fernando Andreu to suspend the inquiry on the grounds Israel was still investigating the attack. But Andreu rejected the request on Monday, saying he has found no evidence that Israel was seriously conducting its own investigation.

– Change Spanish law

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has assured Israel that Spain will modify its law to narrow the scope of universal jurisdiction cases to those with a clear link to Spain, but no action has been taken yet.

Source: Multiple sources.

My comment:

While Spain and NATO battle Taliban in Afghanistan, Spain supports the same Radical Islam in the Middle East. Thats at best double standard. In stead of starting a legal battle against the leadership of Israel is their struggle to defeat Radical Islam, Spain must support Israel. If this legal process against Israel is not withheld, Spain will end up as the mother of all double faced nations.

Norway might follow suit:

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2 thoughts on “Spanish judge targets the Israeli leadership

  1. remember all nations shall turn their backs upon Israel.
    talk of peace and there shall be none.
    Have you heard of Canadian plans to teach grades 1 through 11 that all religions are all ok? That parents have no right to keep them out of the class?

    1. Dear brother.

      I have not heard about this Canadian plan. But I guess its a universal and global plan of Satan. Even in Norway, its many years since they removed Christianity from school, and replaced it with teaching about respect (the truth in) of all religion.

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