The US to «force» peace up on Israel


General James Jones is the present national security adviser to President Barack Obama. He told a European foreign minister a week ago that unlike the Bush administration, Obama will be «forceful» with Israel.

Jones is the main force in the Obama administration stressing the Palestinian question and believes that the United States must become more intensively involved in the matter vis-a-vis both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

– Lets find «endgame solution»

Jones is quoted in the telegram as saying that the United States, European Union and moderate Arab states must redefine «a satisfactory endgame solution». The U.S. national security adviser did not mention Israel as party to these consultations.

Meanwhile, some observers in the United States have expressed concerns that the differences between Israel and the new U.S. administration are leading to a clash.

Robert Satloff, the director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said he is concerned by the disagreements between Israel and the United States regarding Iran.

Israel: Dont put your trust in Obama, Clinton and general Jones
Israel: Dont put your trust in Obama, Clinton and general Jones

«If there is no complete agreement on all the details in dealing with this issue, there is a chance for the most serious dispute between the U.S. and Israel in the entire 61 years of relations between the two», Satloff said.


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