Pope urged to pressure Israel into false peace plan

Head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, Bishop Munib Younan, wants the pope to support a two-state solution and reject «occupation and settlements».

While Israel’s security «is important to us», Younan insisted, «it depends on a just treatment of the Palestinian people».

Israel’s 3000-year-old capital, «Jerusalem should be a city shared by all religions and serve as a model of peaceful religious coexistence» Younan continued.

Sponsors of this interfaith event were named by the Jerusalem Post as the US State Department; Mercy Corps, a nondenominational Portland, Oregon-based aid organization; and the Interreligious Coordination Council in Israel, a coalition of 70 Christian, Muslim and Jewish groups.

Source: Jerusalem Post, 30th of April 2009.

My comment:

«Christians» who utters the words «Jerusalem is occupied» to a Jew, are apostate Christians. They have never known the Jewish Messiah.

All true Christians who have been given the burden to care for the Jewish people, will be told by the Holy Spirit to tell all Jews that the «City of King David» Jerusalem was liberated from Arab occupation in 1967.

The Jews have been brought back into Jerusalem by the God of Israel, to prepare for the return of the Messiah to His chosen people. Many of them do not know Him. And they will mourn when they shall see Him whom they have pierced.

That day will surely come.

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