Jesus’s Zionists stand by Israel


The Jerusalem Post online edition has this weekend published an article that every Jew and Christian should read. Its about the Messianic Jew Aryeh Bar-David, who is a veteran of four wars. This article follows a trend in Israel to include Messianic believers as «Zionists good enough».

«Days are coming when the Jewish people will be forced to realize that Yeshua is the only solution to all our troubles».

This says Bar-David, using the Hebrew name for Jesus.

He is convinced that his religious faith helped him cope with life-and-death situations in combat. Under Ariel Sharon, he took part in some of the bloodiest battles for control of the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War.

Like most religious Zionists, Aryeh Bar-David sees the hand of God in the establishment of the Jewish state and the Jewish people’s repeated victories against its enemies.

Bar-David is one of about 10,000 Messianic Jews living here who believe that Jesus is the messiah and the son of God, and that accepting him as such is a precondition for spiritual redemption. They call themselves Jewish because most were born to a Jewish mother or father.

But Bar-David and other members of the Messianic community see themselves not only as Jews, but also as ardent Zionists and patriotic Israelis. They reject Christian replacement theology that sees, for instance, the Catholic Church, as the new chosen people. For the Messianic community, the Jewish people are still God’s chosen people, even if they rejected Jesus. The establishment of Israel is a tangible manifestation of the prophecies of the Bible.

Source: The Jerusalem Post.

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