144 Israeli children murdered by terrorists since October 2000

«Our daughter Malka was murdered at age 15 in the August 2001 terror attack on Jerusalem’s Sbarro pizzeria».

Frimet Roth is only one parent of 144 innocent Israeli children, that have been murdered over the past eight years. They have been targeted while they played, ate, studied, hiked or rode buses to and from school.

Victims of the Sbarro bomb in Jerusalem
Victims of the Sbarro bomb in Jerusalem

Not one of those children were armed, not one was caught in soldiers’ crossfire, not one was used as a human shield.

This number explains the checkpoints, the security fence, the arrests, and even the Gaza operation – all of which have ignited venomous vilification of Israel. Against the backdrop of our murdered children, Israel’s conduct can fairly be viewed as not only justified, but unavoidable.

Source: Ha’aretz

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