Norwegian Minister of Church affairs attacks Israel

Trond Giske. Dont put your trust in this man.
Trond Giske. Dont put your trust in this man.

– Stop the occupation, demolish the separation wall. Trond Giske is the Norwegian Minister of Culture and Church affairs. He used his first of May day address to defame Israel.

The Center Left government of Norway has a record of defaming Israel. The latest attack on the state of Israel, comes from the Norwegian Minister of Culture and Church affairs, Mr. Trond Giske.

In his first of May day speech in the western Norwegian city of Stavanger, Giske had the following message to Israel:

– The people of «Palestine» are not free, but live under occupation. There will be no peace in the Middle East without an end to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Israeli separation wall has to be demolished, and the people of Palestine have to get freedom, and a right to form their own state, Giske said.

Giske is a member of the Norwegian Labor party, that used to be one of the strongest supporters of Israel during the 1950-ties. In the city of Stavanger, the most popular May Day parole was:

«Support Palestine, demolish the separation wall and boycott Israel».

Source: The Norwegian Newspaper: Stavanger Aftenblad».

My subjective view:

Trond Giske is not an Evangelical Christian. If the Minister of Church affairs in Norway had been so, He would have loved the Jewish people and stand with the state of Israel through all her troubles. In Norway, Giske is known to be a radical politician, who wants the Church of Norway to ordain gay priests, and force Bible faithful priests to bless gay-marriages.

When they walk under the parole : «Boycott the only free and democratic state in the Middle East», the supporters of Trond Giske become enemies of freedom. They are all permitted membership in the International hall of shame.

4 thoughts on “Norwegian Minister of Church affairs attacks Israel

  1. So anyone who advocates freedom for the occupied and abused is radical when it comes to the state of terrorism called Israel?

    If Israel was a democracy, it won’t have different license plates for Arabs and Jews! Nor would young Palestinians be excluded from praying at Al Aqsa Mosque. Palestinians would not have had 19,000 homes demolished in a democracy and the rights of the Jews are above the rights of Palestinians!

    This is not a democracy: it’s an Apartheid barbaric state!


  2. Dear ATW.

    I agree, that its not an ideal situation, that there has to be travel restrictions from Judea and Samaria, the so-called West Bank, into Jerusalem. The reason for this, in the continuing refusal to recognize Israel`s right to exist, by terrorist organizations like Hamas. You should not put the blame on Israel for these restrictions. The blame has to be put on the terrorists. The day Hamas give up their Holy War of violence, you will be able to take your car and drive up to Jerusalem, without changing into a car which has a valid Jerusalem permit. This restriction does not have anything to do with Apartheid, but is all about security for the Jewish people against Islamic Suicide bombers.

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