Wants good pictures of the Pope at the security fence


The Pope is planning to meet the The Palestinian Authority (PA) in the claimed to be a refugee camp in Aida. The PA have arranged for a photo session under the security fence set up in by the Israeli Government in 2002.

The PA authority is trying to set up a stage under the security fence, so that the International Press will get better pictures of the Pope. The israeli Government has objected to this Public Relation-stunt, and ordered the stage to be removed. The PA-authority has claimed it wants to «show the Pope how life is under the Israeli military occupation».

The Israeli Government has ordered the removal of this illegal construction, based on fear of a possibly security risk to the Pope, and people on a stage so close to the security fence. Ignoring this order, the PA Authority started to re-build the stage. The district Governor of i Bethlehem Salah Taameri explains:

– We have started to re-build the stage, and are determined to show the Pope what the suffering of the Palestinians is all about.

Source: Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

Security fence brought an end to Islamic suicide bombers


I guess the PA Authority is not determined to tell the Pope about the suicide bombers that entered Israel from this area, before the security fence was set up. The PA Authority should also explain to the Pope that the security fence has put an effective end to such kind of terrorist activities. The Latin Bishop of Jerusalem claims that Jerusalem is an «occupied city».

The people who the Papal Bishop is claiming have «occupied» Jerusalem, will be slapped with a bill of millions of USD for looking after the security of the Pope on his May visit to Israel.

4 thoughts on “Wants good pictures of the Pope at the security fence

  1. DefiantJewess • 7 minutes ago

    Chillarious—-the Pope Francis is an appeaser and a foe of the Jews., he who comes to the Jewish state and talks glibly of neutrality and peace. In the mean time Islamic terror prevails killing his brethren the Christians. Where is his voice speaking out against that???? He has time to visit the fence and discuss israeli arab politics but no mention of the slaughter of his own??

    The Pope should have gone to the Security fence in Israel to pray for the souls of the murdered Jews from the horrific bus bombings and cafe bombings and stabbings. Or how about the Christian arabs who were murdered and pushed out of Bethlelham and other places by Islamic terrorists.

    The fence should be named ANTI-TERRORISM FENCE.

    Also Bibi should have while meeting with EL PAPA outlined the offenses of the Catholic Church over the centuries- he and the Catholic Church OWES US, and his eminencies taking the side of the enemy, the PA, a terror outfit, or claiming NEUTRALITY- ha!!!!! That is a crime no less than the Inquisition or the inaction of Pope Pious with the Jews during the Shoah.

    The hatred of Jews is the responsibility of the Catholic Church. I blame them for the deaths of innocents, millions of people who suffered at the hands of Hitler.

    THE CHURCH OWES US> Am Israel big time. They are responsible for spreading hatred and anti Semitism in the world. Where is the Pope now when Christians are being murdered everywhere in the MIDDLE EAST? Not a peep from El PAPA. The man speaks with a forked tongue. I have no use for this charade or” passion play” he has played for the world. His actions are empty and full of hypocrisy.


    1. Dear defiant jewess

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Satan’s best way to defame the true Messiah, is to create a copy-cat. And to appoint a Pope to run around distributing blasphemies in the name of “Jesus”.

      In this way, millions take a stand against the Messiah. And a billion or so, are royally deceived.

      I cant expect all Jews to see the difference, and to understand that the Pope is not a Christian. But be sure: The Pope will face the most horrible consequences for his religious non sense. Eternity in Hell. That the Pope defame the true Messiah, do not free all of us from searching for the truth.

      The truth is found in the Bible. Not in the doctrines of the Roman Catholic religion.

  2. The papacy will never ever apologise for anything, it goes against their assertion that they are infallible in all matters, and it would make the catholic church appear weak. They stubbornly refuse to teach the basics of authentic Bible faith-including repentance and spiritual rebirth. They still havent even acknowledged the kiling of countless numbers of non-catholic “heretics” over the 20 centuries of their existence, nor will they ever do it. They are too obstinate, stiff necked and proud to humble themselves in a genuine fashion, (even if they are capable of a good “PR” stunt) and admit they have been consistently wrong on so many issues. They just prefer to cling onto their inane superstitious traditions, and-given the legislative license-will beat the life out of anyone who threatens their power and influence in this world.

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