Joel Osteen gets «Worst Easter Sermon Award»


– John Osteen completely missed the point of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. As a result he missed the entire point of Christianity.

Christian Radio host Chris Rosebrough gives his verdict on declaring the giant US non-denominational Charismatic Church leader John Osteen the winner of the 2009 «Worst Easter Sermon Award». Chris Rosebrough is the captain of internet based Pirate Christian Radio and host of the Fighting for the Faith Radio program.

– Pastors like Judas

– Far too many pastors have played the role of Judas and have betrayed Jesus. Rather than being paid 30 pieces of silver, these pastors have sold Jesus out for the fame and adulation that accompany having a «growing, relevant man-centered» Church, says Rosenbrough. In preparation for this contest, Rosebrough screened nearly 100 sermons from churches across America and picked the tive worst ones to be contestants for this new «award».

– Tiger Woods of heresy

Commenting on John Osteen’s sermon Rosebrough stated:

– Jesus didn’t die and rise again on the cross so that you can have «come back power over life’s set backs». Osteen completely missed the point of Jesus life, death and resurrection, and as a result he missed the entire point of Christianity.

– I wasn’t surprised that Osteen was the first winner of this award. Osteen is like the Tiger Woods of heresy. He takes false teaching to a whole new level.


As a subjective personal viewpoint, I would like to add: John Osteen is one of the most famous teachers of the false prosperity gospel, using global television networks to spread his message. Osteen is also a famous writer of books on prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Joel Osteen gets «Worst Easter Sermon Award»

    1. The article is embarrassing because there is a typo?

      It is still the truth. Joel Osteen is a prosperity teacher.

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