Obama will surely change Israel


President Obama has made Israel less sure about the US policy in the Middle East. The US-president wants to be friends with everyone. In this region, that is simply not possible.

After 100 days in power, president Obama has left the leadership in Israel guessing. The US-leader promised «Change we can believe in». The first change we have seen, is that Obama has traveled the World, to shake hands even with enemies of democracy and religious freedom.

Two of a kind. President Barak Hussein Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

Obama started by talking about «peace» in public, but behind closed doors he supports promoters of Radical Islam such as Syria. Obama did so by allowing a NATO-country to do a military drill with Damascus. Obama has promised to withdraw troops from Iraq, but will make the people of Lebanon suffer more pain by allowing Turkey to supply arms to the Hizbullah controlled Lebanese government.

The US government has by its latest action, proven that Israel at the end of the road will stand alone. The Jewish people should not put their trust in Obama. In todays Haaretz, former US president Jimmy Carter says he is sure that: «US and Syria to restore full diplomatic ties soon». That will be the final approval of a state that is sponsoring militant Islamic regimes, that continues to work for the destruction of Israel.

Obama would be wise to listen to former US-president Lyndon B. Johnson. When he was asked why he sided with tiny Israel after the 1967-war, against more powerful and oil rich Arab neighbors, Johnson is quoted by having said: «Because it is the right thing to do».

Unlike Lyndon B. Johnson, Obama wants to become popular in the Islamic World. Thats a path down the road to a more frightened Israel. The price the World will have to pay is more radicalism on both sides of the Middle East divid. Obama will achieve the opposite of what he has promised the World. We will get: «Change that no one believes in».

4 thoughts on “Obama will surely change Israel

    1. Thanks. This kind of comments will surely keep me blogging. May the Lord God of Israel keep on blessing you. In Yeshua`s name. Amen.

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