NATO-member Turkey and Syria in joint military drill

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are good friends and enemies of Israel.

ANKARA: On Monday Turkey and Syria are to stage a joint military exercise for the first time, Turkish military said Sunday.

A press release issued by the Turkish General Staff said that the land forces of Turkey and Syria would perform the joint military exercise across the border, which is due to end on April 29.

This is the first time that the two land forces to conduct such an exercise. The military drill aims at boosting friendship, cooperation and confidence between land forces of the two countries, and increasing the capability of border troops to train and work together, said the release, reported Xinhua.

Source: Turkish Weekly.

Are you living in a country that is a member of NATO?

Do you know what the North Atlantic defense organization you might have supported, are doing in the Middle East ?

For the first time ever, a NATO-country will be in a joint military operation with a nation that support Radical Islam and suicide bombers.

Syria has crippled the nation of Lebanon, which capital Beirut, before 1974 was called the Paris of The Middle East.

Syria do not recognize the state of Israel´s right to exist. Syria is in principle at war with Israel.

Last week, 62 per cent of the people of Israel said that they would accept NATO-troops in Judea and Samaria (The so called West Bank), coming in a peace enforcing mission. Now, the same NATO-troops are doing military exercises with one of the enemies of Israel, an enemy of democracy of freedom.

Lord God of Israel. May this news open the eyes of the blindfolded…

2 thoughts on “NATO-member Turkey and Syria in joint military drill

  1. Yes, I´m living in a country (Norway) that is a member of NATO. Untill this day I´ve been supporting that membership very strongly, but suddenly I´m not sure anymore….
    And the EU also want Turkey to join the Union?
    I´m deeply scared.

    1. When I was in the Norwegian navy, I thought NATO was going to defend the free World. At that time, the free World included the USA, Western Europe and Canada.

      When I see a NATO-member doing military training with Syria, I have the feeling that something is seriously wrong with NATO. That Syria do not acknowledge Israel`s right to exist, supports Hizbula and Hamas, makes Syria an enemy of freedom, democracy and World peace. Syria is an enemy of everything NATO was formed to protect.

      We have to see the Spiritual battle going on. Israel shall have to fight for survival against every nation. (Joel 3:2). I thought that «every nation» was the United Nation (UN). But the UN does not have much military powers, and is no treat to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). NATO is. When NATO turns hostile to Israel, the Jewish state will finally run out of options, and Israel will have to surrender to a false peace.

      Than we shall she the coming of the wicked one, the antichrist, entering Jerusalem to be worshiped as God. The Jewish people have fallen into a trap, and can only be saved by the coming of the true Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). He will surely come. First in the clouds of Heaven, than to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. (Zac 14:4).

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