Norway supports Radical Islam against Israel


The Norwegian Minister for External affairs Jonas Gahr Støre will attend the Durban II conference. Norway was the first free and democratic nations who recognized the Radical Islamic government of Hamas in Gaza on a senior political level.

Norway has not learned anything from its record of failures as a International peace negotiator. Sunday the 12th of April, this free and democratic nation in Northern Europe failed to protect the Sri Lankan embassy in Oslo from being attacked and ransacked by supporters of the Tamil Terrorist Organization LTTE. This act of national security failure, lead the Sri Lankan government to suspend Norway from any kinds of «Peace negotiations» on the peninsula in the future.

By not being able to protect Sri Lanka property in their own country, the Norwegian government has delegitimized is self as a protector of peace and security anywere in the World. The police in the Norwegian city of Bergen even denied police protection to a « Friends of Israel peace demonstration» in February 2009, claiming lack of resources. The Government of Norway should first build up its ability to protect its own citizens, before claiming ability to secure peace and stability in other parts of the World.

In regards to the left-center government of Norway`s credibility and reputation as a peace negotiator in the Middle East, it became null and void the day Norway recognized the Radical Islamic government of Hamas in Gaza. Hamas is formed on the political and military agenda of destroying Israel, and Islamic supremacy in the World.

The Norwegian government denies it has recognized Hamas, but on the official web-site of the «Norwegian External Affairs Ministry`s representative office in the Palestinian Territory», you can read this and judge for your self:

«Norway is of the view that dialogue is essential in order to influence Hamas to move in the right direction politically. Norway will therefore maintain contact at senior official level as appropriate» Press-release 16th of January 2009,

While opening a Palestinian representative office in Shu’fat north of Jerusalem, Norway has refused to move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Such a move could have been a Norwegian recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Most of the nations on planet Earth have refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They dont want to upset the Islamic World. Several countries are now giving in to Radical Islam’s demand that Israel must give up their control of Jerusalem, and divide the City of David. Why should the Jewish people put their trust in them?

6 thoughts on “Norway supports Radical Islam against Israel

  1. Norway is a very democratic Country they have the law and Justice more than any Country of the World.
    For u Hamas is Radical but :
    “we can not champion democracy when we refuse to accept democratically – elected governoments becuase we dont like them ”
    For me Israel is Radical Zionest state the only thing they are good at is killing the kids.

    1. Dear Yuval.

      Shalom. Thanks for your comment.

      The word «Radical», what does it mean? It means «a huge change». Radical Islam will therefor mean «Muslims that wants a huge change». Osama Bin Laden wanted a huge change, when he destroyed the twin towers in New York, in 2001, on September 11. Almost 2000 people was brutally murdered in New York that day.

      A member of Hamas wants a huge change when he send his son to become a suicide bomber, to kill Jews for Allah. To murder other people is a «Radical» choice you can make. Outside of the Arab World, people who murder other will get a life imprisonment. Inside the Muslim World, they get 7.000 USD from Saudi Arabia and become a «hero».

      Zionism is not radical. Its Conservative.

      Whats the difference?

      Conservatism is to preserve, to take cake of. Zionists wants to preserve, to take care of the Jewish people who live inside Israel. Thats why there is no Jewish suicide bombers.

  2. Zionists wants to use u.. and later is gonna destroy you.There are no Jewish suicide but there are Jewish Zionests killers Criminals of the war who massacred the kids, Shouting a cowers way …

    (this comment has been edited and shortened, because of its hate towards the Jewish people. Editor)

    1. Dear Yuval.

      Shalom. Your electronic and global Intifada will kill your soul. But there is hope, Yuval. A Jew called Jesus loves you. He has also payed in full for your sins. But you need to change your ways. Your heart is so full of hate and bitterness, that you cant see the difference between right and wrong. You are in a spiritual prison, my friend. Its called Islam. I hope and pray that God of the Bible will save you. Amen.

  3. I am a norwegian that loves Israel.
    The present Norwegian government has done and said many things to hurt Israel. I and many with me are very sad for that reason.
    Norway might be the most polarized nation in Europe. There are strong inti-israel motions in the country. There are also stong Anti-Christ-like motions. We pray for a repentance of these things.




    1. Dear Teddy.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus from Nazareth. Thanks for your reply.

      Being a Norwegian my self, I have a lot of knowledge about Norwegian politics. I agree with you, that the present Center Left Norwegian Government is bad. But it was not much better when The Norwegian Christian Peoples Party had the Prime Minister in two Governments. One of them was a purely Center Government, and the other a Center Right government.

      The former «Christian» Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik has formed a NGO that works for dividing the capital of Israel, and returning East Jerusalem to Islam. No Norwegian government, neither blue not red, has been interested in revoking the free abortion law which is more than 30 years old. Only the fare right party does support Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, by demanding the shift of the Norwegian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But this party ha recently voted in favor of passive death help, the satanic idea that doctors should be granted license to kill their patience that expresses a desire to die.

      Norwegian party politics are surely anti-Christian.

      Yes, there are many lovers of Jesus in Norway. And Norway has more supporters of Israel, than most of the nations of the face of this Planet, compared to its populations. Thats gives us a reason to rejoice.

      Norway for Jesus.

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